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This man needs friends and family to rally around him with our prayers, love, and financial support. Briefly I graduated from high school with Dale he is a hard working family man who needs assistance. We are raising funds to help him with his medical ...
This man needs friends and family to rally around him with our prayers, love, and financial support. Briefly I graduated from high school with Dale he is a hard working family man who needs assistance. We are raising funds to help him with his medical and transportation cost. He has to travel to Harborview Medical Center weekly so any help you can provide would be amazing. Please take a moment and read his story below. Thank you so much we are so thankful for great people or we would have already lost our home and car etc. Well long story short...dale had left to Arizona to work in March with plans for us, his family, to head that way after our daughter graduated first of June. I talked to him every day and he called one evening saying if he didn’t make it home to us that he loved us which was very odd and off the wall, but he continued to say he was fine. He with no warning or call showed up back here at about 11pm on May 1st. He had a 105.9 fever and he insisted it was weather change and he was fine. Well by morning I took him to Kadlec and he was having convulsions from high fever. He was put into critical care and all we knew is that he had a blood infection that was producing double of what his white blood cells were producing. 4th day in critical care his fever was still 103.9 and they couldn’t get it to get any lower. His kidneys failed from the infection and fever and he gained 48 pounds of fluid within 2 days. As of this time we still have no idea what and where infection was. He then started to get a red blood line from front of shin area on lower leg that shot up to his groin/stomach area so infectious disease dr knew that that was base of infection. Within days he started to get a huge awful looking wound/sore on lower front of leg. As days went on and receiving 13 iv antibiotics they finally got fever to come down. He did have an allergic reaction to 1 antibiotic which made his liver not work for a few days, but blood work is looking better with liver and kidneys now. After about 3 wks a plastic surgeon did surgery on Dales leg and he sid the infection was eating all Dales fat/muscle/tendons etc in that area. The surgeon cut out the infection which left Dale with a large open wound that exposed bone/muscle/tendons. The surgeon had told us that he would be back in 2 days to check wound and get a wound vac on wound and then within 30 days do a skin graft and within 6 months Dale would be able to work etc. Well surgeon never comes back and we continue to ask where he is and why has Dale not had the wound vac put on wound to promote healing etc. Finally 4 days later we were told that the surgeon was unaware that Dale had no insurance and he would no longer be his dr. Sorry this is such a long dragging story....oh yeah Kadlec didn’t take a culture of wound until Dale had been on 13 antibiotics so we will never know what the bacteria was. One Dr says cellulitis, one says a brown recluse spider bite and one says a flesh eating bacteria. So after about a month in critical care Dale is sent home in extreme pain because he has exposed nerves etc.. He had a pik line for meds for about 3 more weeks. The only dr that would see Dale was a dr at wound care and one infection dr. since we have no insurance and no money to pay up front. Have you I was a professor for Walla Walla community college and worked as GED teacher st Coyote Ridge and recently was laid off due to budget cuts. Dale had left job here that had insurance for the job in Arizona which benefits would start mid May. We have always had double insurance and in our time of need we can’t get any insurance from state because I receive unemployment. We have applied 7 times and can't get any help. Ok back to wound. wound care in Richland were trying to help with wound but mid June we are told he needs to move to a bigger city and go to a hospital because he will continue to get infections due to open wound and the only way he will get better is to get a skin graft to close wound. At this time we are going through all our savings/bank acct buying all his meds which were about 1200 a week. Finally a dr at wound care calls Harborview surgeons and gets Dale in for surgery on July 18th. He received skin graft and he was in Harborview for 9 days. He is now finally out of wheelchair and starting to use walker to walk and soon will go to using a cane. He is supposed to go to Harborview weekly for check ups but due to financial status he has not been able to make his last 2 appts so we are a little worried about the donor site that they took skin from to put on lower leg because we aren’t sure how to treat it as it is at different stages of healing. We are so thankful that the infection is under control and all his organs are slowly getting back to normal. I am very thankful that God got him home to us because he has now told me that he doesnt remember driving from La Grande to home that night he came back. God took over the wheel.
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