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How to Dress Best for Your Shape
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A certain dress on a mannequin displayed on a shop window made you stop as you pass by the street. You stare at it and admire how perfect it would look on you. So, you bought it and went home. When you tried it, you realized that it does not look as good on you as it was on the mannequin. This is a problem that a lot of women go through every time they try on some dresses for any occasion. That is because, not all dresses are suitable for all types of body shapes. Women have four main body shapes - apple shape, pear shape, rectangular shape and hourglass shape.


A girl with an apple-shaped body has a wide torso. Although her arms and legs could be thin, she has a heavy top. A pear-shaped body, or sometimes called triangle-shaped, means that you have a defined waist but your hips are wider or bigger than your bust. You are rectangular-shaped when you look in the mirror and see that your bust size and your hip size are basically the same size, and your waist is just a tad slimmer than the two. Just like the rectangular shape, you have an hourglass-shaped body if your bust size and your hip size are the same. However, your waist is more obvious and they curve in just like an hour glass. Now that you know what your body shape is, you should know what kind of clothes you can wear to fit your physique. You can  become a fashion designer of your own by knowing these facts.


Apple-shaped body


Tops:  Narrow V-necks that are nipped or banded at the waist or just below the bust, then flared at the bottom. This would make your hips seem wider and give some better shape to your torso.


Bottoms: Wear boot cut pants or ones with embellished or flap-style pockets. You can also wear jeans with whiskering at the hips to make your hips look bigger.




Don’t use breasted jackets and bulky tops. They would make your torso look even bigger. Straight leg pants and skinny jeans are also a big no-no.


Pear-shaped body


Tops: Wide V- or U-necks would broaden your shoulders. Also try some off-shoulder blouses or boat-neck tops. Emphasize your small waist with wrap shirts or shirts with snug fitting waist but with flutter sleeves.


Bottoms: A-line skirts and straight pants with dark colors and clean lines are perfect for this kind of body shape.




Don’t wear tight pants, capri pants and pencil skirts.


Rectangular-shaped body Tops


Tops: Give some life on your bust part by using tops with embellishments around the bust and shoulder area. The bust area of the blouse or shirt should be full or flowing then narrowing or fitted at the waist to give an hourglass shape effect.


Bottoms: Wear pants with details like whiskering or flap pockets. Use dresses or skirts with wide waistbands.




Don’t use overwhelming styles.

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