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Free Byron Case
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Wrongfully convicted of murder in 2002, Byron Case is revealed by newly discovered evidence to be actually innocent. Help us bring this to the appeals court with representation by a dedicated, diligent attorney.

We are the campaign to Free Byron Case, a diverse group of people united (find us on Facebook!) in our support of an innocent man now wrongfully imprisoned in a maximum-security penitentiary. 

Byron was twenty-two when a jury found him guilty of murdering his friend Anastasia when they were both eighteen.

Byron was convicted of this 1997 shooting death because of the following factors: 

  • A vague "eyewitness testimony" by his bipolar, crack-addicted ex-girlfriend, made three years after Anastasia's death but less than a week after Byron left own to get away from said girlfriend;
  • An uncontrolled (i.e., outside of police presence) late-night phone call in which Byron, sick with strep throat and a medically documented 103 degree fever, didn't immediately respond to his ex's accusatory question about murder;
  • The Medical Examiner's failure to establish Anastasia's time of death;
  • Lack of ballistics testing of the single bullet fragment found in Anastasia's hair;
  • A total absence of other physical evidence, including blood spatter, gunshot residue, or DNA, which would have cleared Byron of any involvement;
  • The prosecutors' respeated efforts to liken Byron's black clothing to that of the "Trench Coat Mafia" shooters in the Columbine High School masscare; and
  • A poorly prepared court-appointed attorney's inadequate defense and unbelieveable alterative explanation for Anastasia's death.

Byron maintained his innocence throughout the three-day trial. He has never once wavered, neither before then or since. 

A book was written about the case in 2010 -- The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Byron Case by J. Bennett Allen. In that book, on our website, and in Byron's pardon application to Gov. Jay Nixon, there is ample evidence presented that clears Byron, including:

  • Four witnesses who saw Anastasia alive after the time Byron's ex claims to have witnessed the murder;
  • One third-party bystander who witnessed the key moment when Anastasia and Byron parted company (a moment Byron's ex says never occured);
  • The opinion of multiple ballistics experts that Anastasia was not killed by the type of gun Byron's ex claims;
  • Multiple documented forensic time-of-death factors consistent with a death more than four and a half hours later than Byron's accuser alleges;
  • Evidence that the recorded phone call was selectively manipulated to make Byron's voice inaudible at critical points; and
  • The uncontested fact that Anastasia's on-and-off boyfriend shot and killed himself after her death but before police had positively identified her body.

Evelyn Case is Byron's mother and his tireless supporter. She has already maxed out one credit card paying attorney fees. Friends and supporters from around the world have reached deep into their pockets to help, too.  

We're so close to proving Byron's innocence to the court that holds his life in its hands. Won't you join our campaign and be a part of freeing Byron Case? Your donations will help fund a habeus corpus petition to the Missouri Court of Appeals, by an experienced, reputable, post-conviction lawyer.

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Byron's book "The Pariah's Syntax"
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Published in 2013, "The Pariah's Syntax: Notes from an Innocent Man" is a collection of Byron's blog posts, poems and commentaries on life in prison.
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