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help to pay hera her meds and save dogs like her..
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..hallo everyone,
my name is hera, i'm a spanish galgo who is not able to walk or sit already for more than a year and lost my battle agianst leishmania on oktober the 30 because i broke my wrist But let me tell my story..

hallo everyone,


my name is hera, i'm a spanish galgo who is not able to walk or sit already for more than a year and  lost my battle agianst leishmania on oktober the 30 an died because i broke my wrist  But let me tell my story..


i was born in spain, and as so many galgo's i had a very miserable life as a hunting dog for about 5 years, one day i do not now why, my owner dumped me on the street(i know i was a lucky one)  life was hard but at least i was not badly treated. One day  a lady found me wondering on the street, i was very close to dying, only 7 kilo's left of my normal 24 .they took me to a vet and from then life started to get better, i got food and treatment for my diseases, lyme, hartworm and also leishmania...

i  did survive the heartworm treatment. meanwhile only a few days after i was found my loving owner now saw me on fb, she was not so convinced she should adopt me, she was on her way to adopt a healty saluki.. duhhuuu!! i decided different haunted her at night with my pretty eyes.. ;-) and it worked!! she did adopt me!!! but i was not able to travel right then so had to stay in spain a little longer, last year 16 oktober i did arrive in belgium.. joepie!!! was 17 kilo, with very high fever and scared to death for almost everything... could barly stand on my feet, already lying down al this time in spain..

she did try anything to get the leishmania under controle including 6 months milteforan, ..very expensive drug.. :-( but sadly nothing worked to kill the basterds in my body, i do have a very rare type of leis who sits in the joints, the damage done will never heal again, she does cary me around for everything, even to go to the toilet, she even cleans me up with baby cloths !! sweet lady she is...even for  walks with my pack(i've got 3 friends!!) she does push me around in a carriage because 25 kilo is to heavy to put in a back pack.. :-p

she did buy me splints for my wrists, (they go bananas in every direction) because of the buggers who are called leishmania my bones are britlle and sadly i broke my wrist two days before  the splints did arrive there was no other option as to put me to sleep my lovely lady was trying to get me a wheelchair here but now she would loooove to help other dogs with leishmania , the medication is very expensive so she wants to raise money now to help pay for many dogs medication...especilaly rescue dogs who do have not many option ones people now they have the leish...would you all be so kind to give any little bit that you can miss to help rescue dogs like me with the medication?? then my sad story makes a difference for other doggies.... i'm over the rainbow bridge now and painfree.. but i can see on earth tears over me are not dry yet..

love hera...


love hera  <3

ps can only post one pic.. shame because you should see me now.. i'm a beauty.. maby i can post updates afterwards? i do not now.. first time to ask for help here....

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