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Amanda has dealt with an incurable condition known as Intercranial Hypertension(IH), and Chari Malformation(CM). 1 in 100,000 people have this and it is very hard to diagnose and treat. Losing your vision completely like Amanda did is very rare.
The first picture above is my wife after her brain surgery for the increased spinal fluid pressure on her brain. The video is to help people be more aware of what IIH is and all the symptoms which come with it. Since then my wife now has two shunts one in her brain and the other in her lower back, the headaches are even more unpredictable now with back pain on top of it. Amanda was let go from her job as a result of needing time off to recover from her second surgery and I was taking care of her and Sophia full time.

It was to much for my parents to maintain helping us with our bills and still paying their own so to save money and since the company which owned the place where we lived never fixed anything anyways we moved back in with my parents. During the course of all these things after losing her job and a long talk about whether she felt she would be able to work again Amanda applied for disability. She has been denied twice but we are still fighting for it and now we have a lawyer who will take the case.

We have no idea where we will be living in a month since my parents are going for a mediation hearing in a couple days to see if the mortgage company is willing to refinance. If they will work with us and we get to stay here until things settle down that would be great. Unfortunately I agree with Amanda that most likely the company will not be willing to change the terms of the contract even if it does mean a foreclosure and losses on their part. And when that happens... if that happens, where will we be going?

I started an indiegogo campaign once before to try and raise some money to help with all the hospital bills and other medical expenses not to mention that we have no income, soon no where to live and a child who comes first and foremost. The whopping sum of $0.00 was raised. That was after letting it run for 60 days. Which is the longest duration you can run a fundraiser. Maybe my words were not touching or I failed to convey the gravity of the situation. Our ship is sinking and the few life jackets we had are vanishing before our eyes.

Thinking back to when I made my blog and named it I wanted it to be called Desperate Dad but it was taken so I added Times. I didn't fathom that where we were was nothing compared to where we could be and maybe we still aren't there yet but it certainly doesn't feel like there is much more life could throw at us. We are blessed though to have what we do, we have our family, friends and each other to pull us through these trying times. We have love and compassion with a new found understanding of people who are struggling and how they may have got there.

If you would like to read more details of how we reached this point and what it was like during the process you can at It is probably not well written but I tried to tell the story as best I could. Also I am sorry that there are no perks but I can think of nothing we can give you more than our most heartfelt thanks. If you cannot donate please share and a prayer never hurt.
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