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Ended Nov 7, 2015
Finally I can come back here. Chiclet did not walk again. She developed myelomacia & there was no recovery. So on November 24th we said our goodbyes and held her as she journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge. If you still want to help with vet costs, thank you.

I said I would update her story and I am finally able to come back here, although not without tears.....

On Thursday, November 13th I came home after work to find my 11ish yr old Corgi/Lab cross "Chiclet" sitting unable to move from that position. I lifted her to the floor and she struggled to walk with her legs falling out from under her. I quickly took her to the closest emergency vet clinic where they examined her, did some blood work and sent me home with pain meds for her and told me to watch her over the next day or so. They suspected it was inflammation.

Well that was a tragic mistake. By morning Chiclet's hind end was completely paralyzed. Since then we have had her at our regular vet who transferred her to the specialized surgery veterinary hospital. They did a myelogram (CT scan was unfortunately being dismantled and a new one installed)  that evening and I spoke to the surgeon and we agreed that she had redeveloped some deep pain sensation over the first 12 hours so they decided to watch her for 48 hours. Unfortunately, here wasn't any continued improvement and so she had spinal surgery on Tuesday. They performed a discectomy and fenestration on the affected area of her spine. The surgery went well and we started the waiting to see if there was any changes (usually 4 - 5 days.)

On Thursday she stopped eating and depression started to emerge. She still had deep pain sensation on Thursday evening at 8pm. Then on Friday morning when I visited (yesterday) there was deep lethargy, and things were not right. The surgeon did a complete assessment and realized that she had lost deep pain sensation. A CT scan was performed immediately (re-installation had been completed the day before!) and a decision was made to operate right away. The disc had re-herniated and it was bleeding and causing pressure on her spine.That night she wasn't very perky but we thought that was likely just post surgery fatigue.

The next day she was not too bad but by Saturday I was noticing some changes that weren't great. My life was pretty crazy. Everyday after my morning coffee and caring for the other dogs I headed to Guardian Vet Hospital to visit for an hour then went to work. Around 5 or 6 I went back and then back to work. After work I went home to feed and walk the others and about 10pm I went back to the hospital til about midnight or so. I would walk her with the sling, take her outside (which she loved,) feed her treats, hold her, talk to her, brush her and just sit or lay next to her. Every day. So I was able to see small changes. I talked to the techs and they said they would keep a close eye on her. She still wasn't eating so I was cooking hamburger and chicken but she didn't want anything but McDonald's patties. I hadn't been in a McDonald's in over two years (since they refused to speak out during the Sochi Olympics) but twice a day I went and picked up a couple patties so she would eat a few bites.

By Sunday I knew something was wrong. She didn't seem to want to sit up anymore and wasn't really wanting to walk. She just wanted to lay with me. She stopped eating entirely. The vet was called and came in that night and took a look and said he didn't like what he was seeing and would come in early in the morning and reassess. Another vet called me at 6:30am and said they had called Dr. Sereda to come in and they were going to call me back. Shortly after 8 he called and told me that she would not recover and explained myelomacia to me what had happened. Her time was short.

Because Chiclet was a very special part of our lives as a family, I called Arron and she headed to Edmonton to see her one last time. I also called my son Justice and made arrangements to skype him in a bit later so say his goodbyes as well.

Me? I headed to the hospital a bit early so I could spend some time with this dog whom I had shared my heart and home with for 11 years and loved so dearly. I cried as I whispered to her my gratitude for the gift of her love and thanked her for being such a the wonderful friend and told her how much I loved her. As I held her she kissed me over and over again. It was such a precious time as we expressed our love for one another. I have shared a picture I took of that moment when it was just her and I alone.

Finally, I skyped in Justice and he told her how much he loved her and said goodbye. Then Arron arrived and she spent some time saying goodbye as well. Then we held her as she made her last journey. And so she is gone from us but not forgotten. The gifts of love and companionship she gave are etched in our hearts and memories and will remain. As we continue to adjust to her absence, we (and her fursiblings) thank you for your care and support. We appreciate it more than words can adequately say.

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