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Help Brynn & Brett's Seizure Alert K9 get home!
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Will you help bring Blue home??? Blue is Brynn and Brett's Seizure Alert K9, she will be finished training in February!

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have six children ages 24 - 4 and we have been a home school family since I left the workforce to stay home and teach them in 2001.  Brynnon (15) & Brett (10) are our two youngest sons and both have Refractory Epilepsy. Imagine living with not one but two children with unpredictable seizures. Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by an alarm, knowing that you may find your child blue and not breathing.

Imagine a world that can change at any moment from good fun, to serious danger. Imagine being trapped at home except for Doctors and Clinics because your child is more likely to have a seizure just by a change in environment. Imagine having tried medication after medication, VNS implants, diets and tons of herbs, vitamins and snake oils... Only to hear the words "He will likely never be seizure free." Brynn and Brett's seizures are not completely controlled by medications and VNS implants, sometimes they are not controlled at all. The seizures have had a negative impact on their quality of life. Brynnon suffers most of his bigger seizures while sleeping. Brett has most of his bigger seizures while awake. These seizures can cause wandering, extreme irrational fear, serious confusion, loss of balance, poor vision and many other quality of life depleting symptoms. Both boys commonly have Complex Partial seizures.

They sometimes generalize into Tonic Clonic and Tonic seizures. Brynn is having less seizures than he has in four years, just 1 or two seizures a week while sleeping and occasionally he has a few during the day. Brynn is cognitively disabled and has to be watched 24/7 not just for seizures, but because he is at risk of doing things without thinking them through or fully understanding the consequences of his actions. Brett is currently suffering with 1 - 4 bigger seizures a week average and occasionally he can have clusters of 5+ a day. His vision can be very poor with seizure activity that you can see and even activity your can't see. Brett also seems to be triggerded to go into seizures by leaving the house, this started with a Tonic Clonic seizure in a restaurant parking lot.

Of course Brett has to be monitored 24/7, because at any moment he can go into a seizure and run off in terror, wander off or get hurt by a fall. Blue, the boys Seizure Service Dog has been in training with Guardian of the Night K9 since July. She is expected to be finished training in February! Blue will be a huge blessing for Brynn, Brett and all of us. She will not only change our lives, but likely will save Brynn and Brett's lives. Seizures and seizure related causes take the lives of 50,000 people in the U.S. Every year.

We have been fundraising since the beginning of the year and Blue's balance is now ONLY $300!! We need an additional $500 for the trainers Motel, Gas and Expenses for coming here to AL from GA to train with Blue and the boys for four days. Blue will greatly improve the boys quality of life. Brett will be helped by having Blue, so that we can actually leave the house more often. He has had many seizures in the car and in the public, and is afraid he will run away and get lost, which causes stress and leads to more seizures.

Blue will make us all sleep better, travel better and be able to enjoy a greater quality of life. We believe Blue will give us all greater peace and freedom than we have experienced in years. Blue can save the boys life by alerting us to a seizure. Please help Brynn and Brett if you can, any amount helps. If everyone who saw this gave a little, Blue's training would be paid for. Please do it for Brynn and Brett! No amount is too small. If funds collected are greater than funds needed to pay for Blues training to be completed and trainer expenses for training, we will use the funds to pay for Blue's insurance, vet cost and any funds we will need for Blue's care to keep her healthy!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

~Helen Keller 

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