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Hi folks!! My name's Elliott and I'm a trans man or female-to-male (FTM) transgender individual. I'm looking to raise money for top surgery (mastectomy with chest masculinization) as my chest is a big part of my dysphoria (referencing ...

Hi folks!!

My name's Elliott and I'm a queer trans man or female-to-male (FTM) transgender person of colour (POC). I'm looking to raise money for top surgery (mastectomy with chest masculinization) as my chest is a big part of my dysphoria (referencing emotional turmoil and discomfort due to my body/sex) and prolonged binding has caused rib and lung issues. As the total amount I need is $8,000, I'm looking for an ideal of at least $4,000 to help support my surgery and sex designation marker change. Any funds raised extra will also help towards these means (it would certainly help me make the money faster) and also towards after care after my surgery.


I originally tried to go through CAMH (Centre for Addictions & Mental Health) with their Adult Gender Identity Clinic but their attitudes and services were far less than friendly-- especially considering that they were forcing a family meeting, despite the fact that I am over 18, before I would be able to properly access their services. My immediate family is tolerant, at best, concerning my gender identity, but every time that I have expressed seeking services outside of CAMH, they have pushed for me to continue with CAMH as my services would be covered by OHIP--not understanding how transphobic and damaging CAMH's services are to my emotional and mental well-being.

As such, for my health and for a less stressful transition, I've decided to seek health care outside of CAMH, and this is where the problem arises. I should be fine in terms of hormone replacement treatment due to insurance, but top surgery will cost me about $8,000.

I attend university full-time, and despite my part-time job, I'm moving out come the fall so I can transition in a safe and accepting environment, but a lot of the money that I'll be making will be going to rent, food and transportation. I will be receiving some help from my family for those costs, but my parents have already expressed that top surgery is  not a priority and have not made any committments towards being able to help or not. While I certainly appreciate the efforts of my family to help me through my education, I stress that I am not cisgender, therefore, I do not have the luxury of not experiencing gender dysphoria. My transition is a priority in order to maintain my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I cannot wait forever for my transition to begin. I've waited two years already and the stagnant state I've been in throughout those years, waiting for access to health care that should be a basic right, have caught me in and out of depression and anxiety.

I hope that you can help by donating however much you feel that you can towards helping me get this surgery done. Every dollar counts. The total cost of the surgery will be $7,910, but I'm also looking to change my sex designation on my documents which will be around $100, so in total, I'm looking to have $8,000 by next June. However, through this fund raiser, I'm only seeking to cover half-- so $4,000-- as an ideal. While I hope I can raise this much at least, I'm genuinely appreciative of every person who is able to donate even a dollar to help me receive this surgery.

I'll be including some perks that are optional, but if I am unable to give you the perks in person, you must feel comfortable giving me your mailing address.

Thank you very much to each and every person who has supported me throughout my transition, and who will continue to support me in the future. You are very dear and close to my heart. Much love. x

[NOTE:Some perks have been donated by various friends and folks wishing to help out! Unless stated otherwise, these perks are limited to ONE (1) only, and as such, we would prefer if these perks could be given in person either by myself or by the person who is donating the perk to the fundraiser. If the perk is digital, you must feel comfortable giving us your email address.
If you would like to donate a perk to help out, feel free to contact me and we can chat it out! :) Thank you very much to all the folks helping out!]

UPDATE (01/14/2015): Thank you so much to everyone who's donated/shared this fundraiser so far!! I meant to update earlier but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it. I just wanted to say really that as of today, I've been on testosterone for almost 15 weeks. I am extremely grateful for the coverage I am receiving in order to access T. It certainly took a while, but it's definitely something that I'm really happy about. I really appreciate all the support I've gotten and all the kind words that folks have said to me. You are all really wonderful and it helps so, so much.

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Handwritten Thank You Letter!
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Thank you for your support! For this, I'll personally give you a handwritten thank you letter!
NOTE: I will only mail a maximum of 10 letters. I prefer to give these in person.
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Small Handmade Craft!
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Thank you! This will include either a bow, a small paopu fruit (star) plush, or any other small handmade craft that you wish (that I am able to make)! It will also include a handwritten thank you letter.
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$100 CAD
5'0" Hand-Knitted Scarf
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WOW THANK YOU! If you're able to donate this much, I'll make you a hand-knitted scarf in stockinette stitch of your choice of colour that is around 5'0" in length! You will be messaged so we can plan details. (Please excuse the silly picture.) You will also get a handwritten thank you letter.
As this will take a while to knit, I will keep you updated on it's progress/we can come up with a deadline together.
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