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Help Pitbull used in fighting
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Ended Jun 6, 2014
Shamrock is a blue nose pitbull that was found injured on desert streets, we highly suspect he was abused and used in dog fights, please help with any donation.

Shamrock was found running in desert streets, with huge scars, clipped ears with scabs and blood, missing the tip of his tail and bleeding, hungry, thirsty and scared. please donate, and please share, this dog needs our help!!!


thanks to your donations! as of 04/07/14 $130 was raised, fundrazr took its half and we were left with $117. on 04/07/14 we were able to take Shamrock to the vet, he was examined. They confirmed my suspicions that he has most likely been used as a fighting dog, hence the scars, injuries, home cropped ears, missing and chipped teeth, and injured tail. We were able to get his shots, and get him microchipped. we bought him a cone for temporary use , so he wont chew his tail. now we  need donations for

-tail amputation

-heart worm test (not in estimate)


the estimate is only able to be used for 2 weeks. please help us with any donation you can!!

UPDATE  04/21/2014

its too late to get the tail amputation, BUT we are happy about it, because his tail seems to be healing well. i have no always trusted vets, because ive had bad expiriences with them before, where i have wasted so much and end up in debt over nothing. His tail has stopped bleeding for days, it scabbed up well, even when he gets it wet in his pool, it does not bleed!! i think we have enough for the heartworm test, and he is suppose to get neutered this month, waiting for the appointment call!!

after he is medically clear, the next thing is getting him a trainer. on 04/22/2014 a trainer will come evaluate the sitiation and give me an estimate on what it will costs to train him and our dogs . please stay up to date on shamrocks facebook, instagram and youtube. your donations have made his stay here possible!!

i dont know how many of you know, he did attack one of the dogs, and because of that i am looking for rescues. we have him in the meantime.

UPDATE!! 04/30/14

a trainer did come for an evaluation. she said it would cost $280 for one session for ALL 3 dogs. she said Shamrock is friendly but will defend himself, and can hurt or kill the other dogs doing so. She said Mr Browns is the instigator and is insecure, and my dog has anxiety and is nervous and insecure. we def need her, one session would do wonders, we know it would. she also told us to get shamrock a collar for training, she suggested a prong collar but we might try another one.

i called shamrocks vet and they said the heartworm test is $35, so i will be making that appointment soon.

and today shamrock went to get neutered! im picking him up later!!

thanks to donations it is all possible!!

i will be posting piks soon of what all the money was used for and how much is left and what we need to raise for now. thanks you all so much!

 update 05/08/14

shamrock was neutered about a week ago!! :) its been a week now and shamrocks hates his cone! he hates it! when no one is looking he takes it off. well today i see him in the backyard running happily with no cone... so i go find it and put it on him and i look at his privates to see how it is healing up. they are swollen, like he never got them removed, i was told it was normal, but to my horror he has opened up the stiches :/ im very afraid of infection and he needs to go to the vet again

update 05/13/14

shamrock did develop an infection and hematoma. his sac is starting to shrink though, we had to rush him to the vet, not stiches or staples needed. we got antibiotics, that he has now finished, and a bigger cone he has not been able to take off but is comfortable with, and antibiotic ointment. im waiting for his recovery to take a ride down to the vet again, im debating over heartworm test or parvo vaccine first, parvo is going around in our area, and we dont think he has heartworm but its better to play it safe. construction is currently happening in our home, hopefully shamrock will have his very own room in the house and yard. and today we finally agreed to make time everyday to walk the dogs together in an attempt to get them to get along

so far shamrocks money has been used for:

:a personal fan (all our pets have fans, it gets hot, we cant run the air all summer)

:vet , shots, 2 cones, catheter, antiobiotic shot, pain medication, antiobiotics ointment, antibiotic medication, micro chip

:month of april 4 bags of dog food (med size)

:gas (i live in rural desert area, i need to get into town, i have to ask for a ride or borrow a car. ihad to pay for gas for when i bought dog food one time, ride to vet for shots n micro, ride to neuter and ride to pick him up ride to check ingection too.)

:pool, its a great way for shamrock to keep cool in the summer, he loves it and does use it


:harness and collar

shamrock currently still has money. thank you for your donations. this is now his general donation page. money will be used for shamrock and shamrock only. thank you so much!

after the important things we will worry about building him his own room and run, to keep him and our dogs seperate and safe, and a trainer.

Stay updated on shamrocks facebook page link is below.

Shamrock Facebook Page

shamrocks instagram

shamrocks youtube

all money donated will be used for Shamrock and Shamrock only. we will keep everyone updated on his social media sites.

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