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Urgent Medical Care Needed For Rescue Cats
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A very special older gang of kitties are in need of immediate and ongoing help with their medical care. They all have a story to tell; many have had a very rough beginning and they deserve to have peace and comfort during their sunset days.
    • I currently have 17 middle-aged to elderly, dysfunctional and special needs rescue cats that I am failing to properly care for on my meager disability income. I am sharing my cat care dilemma in hopes that donated support/help might come their way to help provide immediate and ongoing medical attention. I am spotlighting those kitties that are most urgently in need of medical care. Others I will soon introduce as well so you might get to know them all just a little bit, maybe keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and perhaps help out with a donation. Three are in urgent veterinary need at this time.
    • One of my boys appears to be heading into potentially life-threatening urgency, I am afraid he will soon die without more medical help asap. "Fatty" my 12 year old tabby/Siamese mix is battling suspected IBD, and over the last couple of days has now developed what may be bloat or something else dire. He is starting to show signs of losing the battle; I desperately hope he can get into a vet before it's too late.
    • Another older fellow I rescued long ago when he was a tiny kitten with a little leg broken in half, who was thrown (literally) into the woods, is Moe, my Siamese/domestic mix. He has a serious chronic sinus issue with an as yet to be pinpointed cause. He also needs dental work asap to treat an abscessed root which may have something to do with his sinus infection. He is currently in "guarded" condition. I scraped up the money somehow to get these two in for initial visits at least into a low cost/homeless community vet, but I couldn't pay for needed additional tests or x-rays to more thoroughly diagnose and treat either of them.
    • The third very sick kitty is feral Olive. She appeared to already be older than dirt when I discovered her 8-9 years ago living under an abandoned and soon-to-be torn down government building. I live trapped her and moved her with me; I just couldn't leave her to die out there. She has some sort of chronic serious respiratory illness, along with a severe herpes problem in her eyes. She has had this eye condition as long as I've known her, poor thing. One day out of the blue during this last year she decided that she would allow me to touch her and even pet her. Lately she seems to be even more and more affectionate and even "needy". I can now even put medicine in her eyes too! No one can now tell me that a feral cat can't be rehabilitated.
    •  All of these cats that I have been caring for, and loving all these years had been originally dumped, abandoned, wandering, abused, starving or hurt badly by unfeeling unconscionable idiots. These were the un-placeable kitties that I ended up keeping out of the so many I've lost count of other rescues over the years. I never found other homes for these special ones because most have "exceptional” or “challenging” qualities most people are not willing or able for whatever reason to take responsibility for. Now this gang is heading into middle-age, and many are fairly senior, and it's becoming increasingly more of a challenge for me to provide for all of their needs since I retired out of a federal career due to chronic illness in the spring of 2011. I can no longer afford the proper care these special kitties need due to my changed circumstances and the ever increasing struggle to meet other financial demands. My declining health limits my physical abilities and energy, so I have no intentions to do any more rescues and take in any more cats. I have not even been able to get all of the kitties I have to annual exam visits to my regular vet for a very long time now; let alone vaccinations, flea medication, etc.; basically since I haven't been making my former income. These guys, and especially the oldsters, are deserving of more care than I can by myself provide to them. It's heartbreaking to see them deteriorate and not be able to get them the care they need. Knowing them all of these years, watching them grow from their wretched beginnings into their very individual, very funny little personalities, I couldn't just sit here and do nothing, I HAD to try and get them some kind of outside help. I just found this amazing site and decided to try it. Any monentary donation(s) would go to their medical care, in order of urgency. I would also be happy to hear of any ideas, comments, opportunities, sites, coupons, help/rescue groups, support networks, ANYTHING positive you might think of mentioning, sharing, sending my way that could contribute to make the remaining golden years of these rescue cats as comfortable, healthy and happy as possible.
    • God bless!

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