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  Okay, those of you that know me know that I do not do things like this, or never have before.  A very close friend is in need and he's too proud to ask.  He is going to lose his home due to a series of illnesses and unforseen financial ...

  Okay, those of you that know me know that I do not do things like this, or never have before.  A very close friend is in need and he's too proud to ask.  He is going to lose his home due to a serious accident an illness and unforseen financial disasters (small garage fire, water heater needed replaced in October and one of his children became very ill - but is fine now) .  He was in a car accident at the beginning of the year (He broke both of his legs, his left hand was shattered and his lung was punctured by a broken rib),he qualified for disability, but it was barely enough to cover his bills - he opted to forgo medications he needed to take care of his children. He refused to fill his RX's for pain meds so that his kids cold have chicken instead of bologne in their lunches and fresh vegetables and fruits. He paid every bill he could.  No Bars, No Cigarettes, No shows... he disappeared into a painful depression that left him pretty alone.  He knows I am doing this but (at his request) I cannot tell you his name. (I suspect some will know who I am talking about based on the story, though if you do - - please do not mention his name)  I know things are tight for everyone... and even tighter for some.  He cannot save his home.  That's gone.  He has to vacate on january 13th.  They were *insert sarcasm* kind enough to allow him to stay there and have christmas with his children.  He is a good man, a single dad with 3 young children that he loves and does the very best he can for.  He's kept the reality of this from them and has tried to make it "fun"... "hey guys, we get to move to a new house to have new adventures" ... and that's the plan they plan to move into a rental. He's found one and has an agreement with the landlord.  The problem is simple, one we all have: MONEY.  He doesn't and wont have all the money he will need to move.  He's saving all he can, but they live like most of us paycheck to paycheck and there's nothing left after the heat, water, phone, car insurance, gas to get the kids around, school stuff, lunches, and meals on the table...  he is back to work part-time and has to pay a child care center to take two of the kids 4 days a week.  Honestly, I don't know if I have ever seen anyone juggle like this.  Every penny that comes in here will go to him and I promise you it will all be used to make sure a wonderful family has a home and stays happy and together.  

The money raised will go towards

  • his First and Last months rent and security deposit $1800,
  • U-Haul and moving expenses - which he estimates around $900.  (he is moving from a large home that he's lived in for almost 18 years to a smaller rental that is lovely and big enough for his family but it's litterally on the waaaaaaaay other side of town).  
  • His children will be going from a no uniform school to a uniform school so they will need to purchase new clothes - I've done my best in this area to help him out with some of Pipers old Uniform stuff but he will still need to spend around $200 to finish the uniform issue... shoes, shirts, jumpers, sweaters, socks and pants.,
  • The new house does not have a fridge or a stove so he needs to find one of each, we've gone Craigslist crazy and found some fantastic clean options with lots of life left in them - combined cost of both (if he is able to snag the ones we called about) is $485.... this is the bones of what he needs.  

Even a portion of this will help.  I have never asked any of my friends to give like this... ever.  But... anything you can offer will be appreciated.  And as I said, I know times are tight - if you can offer nothing, thank you for reading.  Trust me I understand when there's nothing left in the budget and so does he.  

Once he is in the new residence and the moving part is over his paycheck will cover their expenses and they will have a little something left over to live with or save. So, this IS a bridge to a better financial situation for him, not just a band aid.   I wouldn't ask if he wasn't truly deserving of it!!  I hope you all know that!  He's a hardworking, single dad that puts his kids above himself no matter the cost to himself.  

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additionally, if anyone has the expendable extra and donates $500 (yes I know it's not likely) but if anyone does... I will give that person a FREE photo session and a free 8X10 from the session once the images are edited. Qualifier on this one... for the photo session you MUST live in the Pittsburgh are I, unfortunately cannot travel to provide this perk. I have a job and a beautiful 7 year old to care for here.... I am attaching a photo that is part of my portfolio so you can get an fair idea of what you'd be getting (as far as talent and quality go!)
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