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Bentley needs to get a full panel blood test and CT scan to diagnose his illness. I wish I had the resources to do this without charity, but my dogs life is more important than anything.

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Bentley was taken to Vallejo Animal Control/Humane Society in early Aug.,when his owner became incarcerated. The owner, my sister, began to mentally breakdown last year after a period of trying events occurred. She is currently being held for psychological evaluation in the Fairflield Detention Center. My mother informed me that Bentley had been taken to the animal shelter on the night she was arrested.

A couple weeks later she called to vent her frustration with the staff at the shelter. They were refusing to release Bentley to my mom, stating she needed a letter in writing from Michelle. She returned with a letter only to be told it needed to be notorized. There were 2 days left before the 21 day cut-off that would allow the shelter to keep my sisters dog indefinitely. I asked her attorney if he could call on her behlaf and he could not reach anyone.

Finally, when I called them myself it was clear they were not going to let him go. Shocked at their audasity It dawned on me why they were putting up such a fight, Bentley is a purebred Teacup Terrier that hasn't been neutered. A valuable asset for the Vallejo Animal Shelter to happen upon. So, I accused them of trying to illegally keep my sisters dog for breeding and that I was NOT going to let this go! Once they realized I meant every word, they sent an animal control officer to see my sister in jail to ask her permission in releasing Bentley. 

 When we picked him up he was covered in fleas, smelled like a dead animal, and had 1" in diameter scabs blocking his tear ducts. Mind you he is 4 lbs. and this could have lead to permenant loss of vision. When we got him home and gave him a bath, he started bleeding from his genitalia for no reason we knew of? You can see the amount from the pictures I've posted. The next day, a canine tooth fell out of his mouth. He weezes through his nasal passage like he cannot breathe, has been vomiting and sneezing frequently. I filed a civil complaint with the Vallejo Police about the shelter including the pictures we took. I never heard from anyone at the police dept. When I called to inquire, the officer showed absolutely no interest in my complaint.

My mother paid $340 to the shelter the day we picked him up. I borrowed from rent money to get him to Alameda Pet Hospital. They discovered he had lost most of his teeth and the few left are loose. They suggested a Cat (CT) Scan and blood testing to pinpoint his illness, quoting $600 for blood tests and $700 for CT Scan, my heart sank. I am a single mom of 10 yr. old twins boys and a full-time college student. Needless to say, we are at a loss in what to do next. I have called every clinic possible to try and find some financial assistance for his needs but there isn't any. We were not able to get exact pricing for the CT Scan but have researched the blood tests are not $600. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to get any tests done, let alone to pay for any possible procedure or antiobiotics he will need. He has a terribly strong odor coming from his mouth and I fear if it doesn't get addressed Bentley could die.

 After researching the web, I discovered that he could have either infected/impacted teeth or periodontal disease at the minimum, or severe "conditions such as diabetes, sinus infections, bacterial or fungal infections, or even cancer can be accompanied by bad breath. Yorkies are also susceptible to liver problems, which can present with unusual breath odors. Yorkies may also have something lodged in their throat or sinus cavity that is causing the bad breath, or may have sustained an internal injury" (

My last hope is through any donations we can drum up to save him. I have known Bentley his whole life and I have never met a smaller dog with a bigger spirit. He is so tough I know that he is in pain and doesn't feel good, but takes it like a trooper. I fear that if we don't get him the treatment suggested soon he won't make it.  Anything you can contribute, be it a $5 or more (Fundrazr takes 5%, Paypal takes 2.49% with a $0.30 trans. fee), you will be a hero to us and to Bentley. I have posted some personal things on Ebay to do my part in fund raising. I have sold $169 but it is on hold until 12/24 through paypal.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and may your holidays be full of blessings.


Virginia Jordan

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