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A couple of weeks ago, while driving through a busy road through a migrant community, I watched as cars were swerving to avoid hitting a mother dog and her 2 puppies who where running back and forth in the road. When one of the pups just barely ...

A couple of weeks ago, while driving through a busy road through a migrant community, I watched as cars were swerving to avoid hitting a mother dog and her 2 puppies who where running back and forth in the road.

When one of the pups just barely kept from getting killed, I felt God speak to my heart, and I just couldn't drive by, so I stopped, and after working on gaining her trust, and making friends with her babies, I managed to get all three of them in the back seat of my car - had to pick the babies up and put them in first to convince the Mama that she needed to come to - but still had to pick her up, as she was terrified.  She never once acted aggressively with me.  She shook so hard I could feel it from the front seat.

I could see that there was something wrong with her left hip, but felt the immediate need was to get them someplace safe and some food, as she was bone thin, and had obviously been doing everything to nurse her babies.

I got them in my garage (I have 6 other dogs - 4 of which are also rescues), set up water, a fan, a blanket, and then brought a dish of wet grain-free dog food, as I wasn't sure if the babies were even weaned yet.  The Mama dove into it - she was starving, but the second the babies put their heads into the dish, she pulled herself back and stood over them, and allowed them to eat every single bit of the food.  That's when she took my heart.

I went to the pet store and got puppy milk replacer, dewormer (the babies both had worm bellies), flea shampoo, puppy kibble, collars, and ear cleaner, came home and went to work bathing them all, deworming them, cleaning their ears out, etc., and then giving them more food.  We worked on getting them acquainted with my dogs through a crate.

Two days later, on Monday, I took them to my vet to be checked out.  They all received their shots (Mother got rabies as well), and she was tested for heartworms (negative) and also tested for Demodetic Mange (positive).  My vet examined her hip that I had concerns about, and he felt that she'd most likely been hit by a car some time ago, and her hip was completely dislocated.  He asked me to come back the following evening for x-rays - which proved his diagnosis.  The ball of the pelvic joint was smashed, and the femur was sticking outside it, and there are older, incorrectly healed fractures and subluxations above and below it.  He said that she would not respond to chiropractic manipulation, and that the only thing that could help her would be an "FHO" surgery - "Femoral Head Ostechtomy", that would need to be performed by a veterinary osteopathic surgeon.  He also said that she was quite young - barely a year, and that the pups were most likely a result of her first heat. 

I might add that when they x-rayed her, they did not knock her out, but laid her on her spine on the x-ray table, and the vet pulled her hind legs out straight down to the table while his assistant held her head and front paws, and she was so terrified she wet herself, but even though she winced in pain, she never once even so much as snarled or showed her teeth.

I called friends of mine who live nearby who'd just recently lost (had to put down) the last of 3 old dogs that they'd had for years to see if they might be interested.  They came and ended up deciding to adopt the pups, but did not want to take the mother, which, at this point, with her needing surgery, I have decided to keep her to make sure she gets what she needs in order to have quality of life.

I have never once asked for any financial assistance for any of the many, many animals I have rescued (4 horses, 4 dogs, 6 cats), not even for a blind starved pony we rescued last summer that ended up costing us over $2K in medical bills, but at this point, I have already paid $385 for her for the initial checkup, testing and meds, $120 for the x-rays, $115 for the surgical consult and anti-inflammatory meds.

My husband and I are in the process of having to move all of our animals to a new location as we are losing our home to short sale after a lengthy fight with our lender (and not being able to sell the home ourselves due to it being built with poisoned drywall), and I just do not have the $1,200 that the surgery is going to cost. 

The surgeon said that the longer we wait, the less her chances are for a good recovery, and since her immune system is suppressed, we need to do the hip surgery first, and then wait several months while she is rehabbed, to allow her to recover from both the surgery, and the anesthesia, before she is spayed.  I asked if the surgeon could spay her at the same time as the hip surgery so she would not have to be put under anesthesia twice, but he said that doing that would keep her under for a longer than safe time frame.

Daisy is perhaps one of the sweetest, most loving and affectionate (and now joyful) and grateful dogs I have ever been blessed to come across, and after all she has been through at such a young age, she deserves to be able to be healed so she can live a long, painfree and happy life.

I cannot upload pictures of the vet bills or the written recommendation for the surgery, but if anyone who cares to donate would like to see these first as proof that I am not some scammer, please check out my FB page, as I am going to put them up there.  It is under my name, Kathie Judy, from Wimauma, FL. 

Thank you so much for caring and helping me to help Daisy get the surgery she needs.

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