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Citizen Ticket is a web and mobile app for reporting unsafe and aggressive driver behaviour that uses a unique scoring system called PlateScore. We are a privately owned Canadian company committed to reducing road user fatalities and serious injuries.

Who is Citizen Ticket?

Citizen Ticket is a privately owned Canadian company that strongly believes in being open, honest and innovative in our approach to advocating improved road safety.

We have developed an engaging web and mobile application for reporting unsafe and aggressive driver behaviour (and one that rewards safe behaviour as well). The objective is to reduce road user fatalities and serious injuries. By using license plates as the mechanism for reporting, and our unique scoring system called PlateScore, the app targets a driver’s anonymity and the unsafe behaviours that drivers exhibit because of it. We strongly believe that by removing anonymity, and gradually changing how drivers think when they drive, it is possible to drive with more awareness and more appreciation for the lives of others. PlateScore allows for this change to be sustainable and personal for each individual driver.

Citizen Ticket is not associated with any police service or insurance agency. It is not a forum to report collisions, or rant, vent or distress about driving or for reporting inconsequential things people do on the road. It is about saving lives through long-term transformational change.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this for one simple reason – to save lives. We know that fewer collisions on our roads, including those involving vulnerable road users, equals less fatalities and serious injuries. In 2011, over 2000 road users died in Canada. We will continue to advocate for improved road safety until that number is zero.

Why support us?

At this time Citizen Ticket offers a fully functioning live version of our website at It is ready to use and functions very well, however up to this point we have bootstrapped the development and legal costs involved with the company. We hope that with your support we can continue our work and will be able to meet the following milestones:

  1. Finish developing and launch the hands-free mobile version of our reporting system.

  2. Finish developing PlateShare, which will give our users the ability to add multiple license plates and drivers to their account. As administrators, this will give parents or fleet owners the capacity to monitor their children or drivers while on the road and apply any reports to a plate and/or driver’s PlateScore accordingly.

  3. Ramp up and launch strategic marketing campaigns to get our message out there and build a strong user base that is committed to supporting our cause for safer roads in Canada and beyond.

How you can support us?

We will of course be very grateful and offer a sincere thank you for anything that you contribute; every dollar helps us and our cause. If you're unable to contribute with any hard earned dollars, we understand. Help our cause by connecting with us on social media or simply tell your friends and family about us.

At this time we have put a couple of perks together. You do not have to select one of these or contribute these amounts. It is up to you how to support our cause if you wish to do so.

  • Changemakers support us by contributing $10 or more
  • Road Safety Heroes support us by contributing $50 or more (includes a one-year subscription to our DriveSmart Family monitoring program)
  • Partners for Change support us by contributing $100 or more (includes a one-year subscription to our DriveSmart Fleet monitoring program)

We will only publish your first initial and last name unless you specify that you would rather remain anonymous. The monitoring program perks will be provided as soon as they are fully developed and released.

In addition to supporting our cause, a small percentage of your contribution will be donated by us to our chosen charities currently listed on our website. These include The War Amps of Canada, Canadian Blood Services, MADD Canada and the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

We sincerely thank you for your support, and you should be proud for supporting our cause to reduce road user fatalities and serious injuries.

Where you can read more about us…

There is more information on our website at Create an account now and start reporting unsafe and aggressive driver behaviour when you see it! And ask someone today, “What is your PlateScore?”

You can read more on our site about:

  • How it works and about our Monitoring Programs and PlateShare.

  • PlateScore and how it engages users and sustains change over the long term.

  • The expected outcomes and benefits that reporting driver behaviour can achieve.

And finally, take a look at our blog that we called ‘Look left, turn right’ to raise awareness of the dangers of not slowing down or properly checking for pedestrians and cyclists when turning right at stop signs and traffic lights.
Create an account and get involved today! Thank you!

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Be listed on our website as a champion of change for improved road safety.
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Be listed on our website as a hero for road safety and get a free one year subscription to our DriveSmart Family monitoring program.
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Be our partner in our effort to save lives. We will list you as a partner for change on our website and get a free one year subscription to our DriveSmart Fleet (small) monitoring program.
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