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Within a very small circle,Theres just about a handful of people I can call true friends and when we think about family and friends we think about how much they mean to us and how close we are to them.Tonite I would like to talk about A special person that that when I say this I know many feel the same way or will agree This Great friend I call David Tudor And i have been friends with David since Grade school and it doesn’t matter how many years go by or miles that we are apart David was here when I left and moved awayu for 29 years and he was here   when I came home for a lot of people that know David he has been there or always tried to be there for others as best as he could and I know if I was down and I needed help I could walk up to David door and he would welcome me in to try and do what he could to help and that would have gone for anyone .Not only is he a friend I know if needed I could count on he has surprised me with the simplest things that others may not see as a major deal to them but it’s not always what we do for others sometimes its the thought that out ways the doing. Just as a lot of us has been pushing on to take care of our family’s and put food on the table and pay the light Bill David is no exception and i am here to tell you it’s not always easy and sometimes with the economy the way it has been and the stress of having a family which we love dearly can weigh in on us and our spouses or partners and we are forced to make decisions that we really do not want to make. Can you imagine having a family of 2 or 3 and making ends meet? try having a family of 5 or 6 i couldn’t imagine, Yesterday i woke up thinking about David and Cindy Tudor and the kids and i asked myself what is it i could do to help ? I have very little money i can’t physically help them move but wait..... I could ask for help from others to help me help them make it through this Major uprooting of having to Bear the Burden and Expense of Moving his Family and all their Belongings from California to Ohio, wow that’s a tremendous ordeal. I am asking all of my friends to ask their friends and their friends and so on to come together in this time of need and Help a Truly Deserving Family that needs our help, now i want to tell you I’m a Proud, Strong Person or individual who doesn’t find it easy to come out in front of my Friends and Family to ask for help but sometimes when we’ve done all we can do and there’s no more road left in front of us we have to stop and look up from where we stand realizing we have tried everything and within our own power we were unable to make   whatever our struggle may have been work and we need we ask, I’m asking all of you to reach out and ask all of your loved ones and friends to ask theres also to all come together to help a deserving Family make this tough journey to where they will build again and start over, I’m asking you to take and share this message out into your daily lives and out into Facebook and share this with everyone you can so we can get to work lifting up a friend, Thank you from the bottom of my heart .....Brian Thomas Willett (WhistlingDixie)

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