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ANiY 'IBRiY (which means: ‘I am Hebrew’) is an umbrella donation based business that will help others develop and sell valuable and useful products, while sharing our Father’s Words and verses on their products, and thereby helping them to get ...

Many people have awakened to know that they are Hebrew, and that our ALoHiYM is YaHuWaH, and that the big cities are not where our Father would have us be weathering the storms and famines that are reportedly coming to the face of this Earth. Sadly, though many want to leave these cities, and/or their Babylon system jobs, they have few to zero financial resources to make a big change. ANiY 'IBRiY is here to make a difference, and to support them as they do muster up their faith to make it happen!! Your donations can greatly help facilitate believers, both single and families with children, to free themselves from the chains that hold them, working week to week for the next paycheck to get them through this month, only to start the struggle for next month. With a small amount of tools, they can develop products that they can sell, and begin to free their minds from the chains that hold them to the Beast system. Please donate!!

ANiY 'IBRiY (which means: ‘I am Hebrew’) is an umbrella donation based business that has two purposes: Farm Development and Product/Skills Development and Tools Acquisition. So, your donations will help in one of those two ways.

ANiY 'IBRiY Farm Development:

The ANiY 'IBRiY Farm is an 11-acre farm, owned by a YaHuWaH-serving family with a great vision and purpose. The ANiY 'IBRiY Farm is being shaped to receive as a refuge and starting place for those coming off the Babylon teats of provision, who keep the commandments of YaHuWaH and have the testimony of YaHuWShu’A (also known as those who overcome, according to Rev. 12:17, 14:12, and 22:14), who seek to live in an off-grid community who serves YaHuWaH and each other.

First, we need funds to set up the ANiY 'IBRiY Farm to be a self-sustaining community reception farm for people who love YaHuWaH and pursue ToWRaH, and have the testimony of YaHuWShu'A to live in community and come together to help each other make it, while we seek the city whose builder is YaHuWaH.

ANiY 'IBRiY Farm is located in a rural YaHuWaH'protected area in central Utah. It is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of acres of off-grid property, as well as nearby small towns with familiar amenities, and larger towns an hour away. And Salt Lake City about two hours away. ANiY 'IBRiY Farm is run by the Anderson family, owners of the property. No longer working in the Babylon system, but preparing a reception farm for the People of YaHuWaH to come out of the Babylon system, we are a YaHuWAH-serving family, sowing the Word of YaHuWaH, and sharing PaLeO 'IBRiYT, the pure language (Zephaniah 3:9).

Here, at ANiY 'IBRiY Farm, we are returning to the ancient paths that our forefathers thrived in, and we are claiming our rightful heritage in our father, Ya'AQoB, not the least of which is by studying and learning and sharing the Pure Language: PaLeO 'IBRiYT. But, we also want to learn to be shepherds and goat farmers. This is our heritage. We are establishing a self-sustaining farm and garden. We are learning the heritage of our fathers ABRaHaM, YiTzCxaQ, and Ya'AQoB, as farmers, and as guards for His Name, and as keepers of His Words. We are learning PaLeO 'IBRiYT, and we actively share what has been revealed.

We are raising a herd of goats and chickens and turkeys. And we have plans to put in a Tilapia Hatchery.

If you would like to help the ANiY ‘IBRiY Farm, currently developing, please consider making a donation. Any size donation is appreciated and goes to help provide for those coming out of the world's BEAST system.

From the proceeds that are donated, we will be sending 10% of all donations to Eric Bissell, because he is actively teaching the hidden PaLeO ‘IBRiYT language to the people of YaHuWaH. 

Product/Skills Development/Tools Acquisition:

As part of the ANiY 'IBRiY coming out of Babylon project, we will be helping others develop skills and products, and secure tools, where possible, to help them be self-sustaining through the power of YaHuWaH's word in their lives and the products they sell, and providing them with an umbrella name with greater future recognition: ANiY 'IBRiY. This will allow YaHuWaH's people to be in business for themselves, selling products that share our Father's Words and verses, and thereby help get themselves off the financial system of this world.

Products will be developed that help us spread the PaLeO 'IBRiYT Pure Language of YaHuWaH, currently being unsealed and revealed (DaNiYAL 12:4), while also helping finance lives outside of the Babylon systems.

The vision of ANiY 'IBRiY is that we will be bringing many useful products and gifts to the people of YaHuWaH to adorn your home. For any size donation, you may request a water BeRaKaH (for your sources of water that you drink or bathe in), taken from the Word of YaHuWaH, a pdf with colorful PaLeO 'IBRiYT font, a transliteration, and a translation in English, which you may download and print out. For your donation of $100, you may request a colorful painting of your favorite verse on a wood plaque. I will take personal orders for your favorite verse.

Other products in development (to help us also restore YaHuWaH's PaLeO 'IBRiYT) include t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, fly traps for farm areas, compost toilets for off-grid homes, MeZuWZaHs for your doorways and gates, and furniture items, license plate frames, and decals with Eric Bissell's PaLeO 'IBRiYT font... items to help you spread His Word, and keep His Word ever before our eyes... We are going for what HE SAID, not what the translators told us He said.... We hope to BaRaK your home and to spread the words of YaHuWaH across the face of this Earth, to the manner and degree that our Father will have us to do so. We will be receiving for our MiShPaCxaH's time and efforts donations to the ANiY ‘IBRiY Farm and MiShPaCxaH that is being established, to receive those coming out of the Babylon system, who keep the commandments of YaHuWaH and testimony of YaHuWShu’A.

We are also looking for people to come live on the farm and help us establish a self-sustaining crop, greenhouse, tilapia hatchery, and service/reception farm for YaHuWaH’s people.

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MaYiM BeRaKaH (water blessing)
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Taken from YaSh'AYaH 12:2b,3; YiRMiYaH ('Jeremiah') 2:13, and 3 YoCxaNaN 2 and in two pages of colorful PaLeO 'IBRiYT letters, with transliteration and English translation. Simply request via email ( or facebook (private message to Darla Anderson) a free water blessing for your donation of any size, which you can place on your water tank, water heater, drinking fountain, or other source of water. Have the witness of YaHuWaH's words to affect the structure of your water's memory.
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