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I have now been sick nearly ten years and feel I have lost those years and will never get them back .In 2011 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co infections .
Sadly the NHS do not believe this diagnosis instead they call what I have CFS or M.E

In 2005 I was struck by a sudden and devastating mystery illness following what appeared to be a flu like episode from which I have never recovered . I went form doctor to doctor seeking answers as my list of symptoms grew and grew and I  continued to deteriorate . I suffered from severe muscle and joint pain , violent shooting and stabbing pains would come from nowhere , I felt nauseous nearly all of the time and developed food allergies and sensitivities , IBS , colitis ,pelvic pain , bladder dysfunction, interstial cystitis, frequent utis and chest infections , hyperthyroidism/Graves disease, extreme tachycardia ,very low blood pressure / POTS , tremors , low grade fevers , myclonic jerks , and now seizures. My weight plummeted from 9 stone to 6 stone 5 pounds . 

 In 2011 after being given no answers by the countless doctors I had seen I began to search my symptoms online . DR Google kept telling one I had Lyme disease and it was then that I remembered the EM rash which is typical of a tick bite I'd had at the beggining of my illness.

I was devasted to read that had I known what this meant and my doctor had recognised it I could have been treated by just a few weeks of antibiotics and made a full recovery .I asked my gp for a blood test but it came back negative so they refused to treat me . I wasnt sure what to do next having read that the nhs test is unrealiable I sent blood to several laboratories in Europe and the USA I waited weeks finally they arrived I nearly dropped to my knees after all these years of not knowing they all came back with some positive evidence that I did indeed have Lyme disease and not only that I had several co infections and by this time my immune system had also become suppressed. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co infections at the private clinic. I finally knew what the cause of my deteriorating health was so I took my tests to my Gp hoping that I was finally going to get the treatment I had needed for over 6 years ,sadly however they were disregarded instead they called what I have CFS or M.E .I was told my NHS test was negative and that I do not have Lyme and should embark on graded excersise but by then I could barely walk.

It concerns me that this may cost me like so many others my life .My only option for recovery is to seek private treatment which is extremely expensive my savings just aren't going to cover it and desperately need help.

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