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Eco-Vert Farms
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Indoor Vertical Farming, designed to remove the environmental impact of current agriculture, keep family farms in business, and grow food for local markets rather than shipped thousands of miles
Eco-Vert Farms is a vision developed by Ian Echterling. The focus of this vision is sustainable agriculture that removes the ecological harm current agriculture has. There are two other focal points in this vision, one being family farmers and the other being job creation.

According to the American Farmland Trust, in the United States we are losing more than an acre of farmland to urban sprawl brought on by rising populations, poor markets, and unseasonable climates.

This vision is able to evolve agriculture to deal with these growing problems. In the mid 90s something called genetically modified organisms (GMO) or genetically engineered crops (GE crops) where developed for the purpose of increasing yield and crop viability. With great intentions some of the companies who developed these crops developed very poor practices. Corporations like Monsanto have been known to receive a high level of public disapproval. One issue with these crops is the unknown human health effects. Nearly all food you buy contains at least a trace amount of these crops, unless you buy from farmers you know personally that can prove their food does not contain these crops, nor has their livestock been feed these crops. Ian's biggest concern isn't the crops themselves, but rather the chemicals they are designed to resist. These chemicals have been linked to serious health risks, and once sprayed on these fields flow freely into our water tables and are likely left as residue on the crop itself. These chemicals are also being linked to the even bigger issue on the environment, the great colony collaps. Entire colonies of bees are being found dead suddenly, and bees are a major player in plant reproduction. Without bees we could have a very serious environmental problem on our hands.

Because we are nearly 20 years into this type of agriculture we simply can not afford to just outright ban it. Imagin if 80+ percent of our food supply was suddenly ban, food wars would break out like never before, starvation in America would surpass anyother country practically overnight. Labeling on the other hand would be a great first step, along with the vision of Eco-Vert Farms becoming a physical thing and not just a vision. Ian spent nearly 10 years developing the vision, made one attempt with another group of individuals, and 2 years of physical research and development, has never been more confident in the vision. With all the knowledge gained over all those years, Ian projects significant change 10 years from day one.

Day one can not be reached until funding is available. In September the securities and exchange commission (SEC) is implementing new capital raising rules to make it easier for visions like this to get the funding needed to create a new business and create more jobs as part of the JOBs ACT signed in April, 2012.

The more funding I can raise through public donations the more confidence capital investors will have in the vision. If one person donates $1,000 that's great but if a thousand people donate $1 that's a million times better. If you believe there's a need to develop a better method of farming donate just a dollar today. If you can donate more, please do but all I'm asking is for a dollar, and for you to share this with your friends.
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Receive an personal thank you from Ian in an email.
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Not only will you get a limited addition T-Shirt, but also and invitation to see the functioning prototype once its up and running. You'll be one of the first to see the systems of innovation in action.
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Get a potion of the crops grown on the prototype system forever. This system will continue to grow different crops throughout the life of the company, and you will get to taste what is being produced for as long as the company is around. If you are not local, I will schedule overnight delivery to ensure fresh delivery of crops to your front door.
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For every $1,000 donated you'll receive a quarter percent (0.25%) of profits made through the use of the patents filed based on the prototype being developed, and name added to the patent file. NOTE: this is not equity in Eco-Vert Farms. This is an offer of royalties for the funding to develop and patent the system.
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