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My name is Anthony Victor Folsom II and I am in desperate need of paying for a Criminal Defense Attorney by December 16th, 2014 because im being wrongfully charged of a crime i did not commit.

I am pretty sure we are all aware of whats been going on in Ferguson MO with the protesting there and nationwide. So on Monday 11-24-14 after i got off work i got home around 11:15 and you could see all the activity from my home here in Downtown LA from the protesting. So being that I lived in a small town in Texas for most of my life I had never seen anything like that before. So me and my Fiance being that our kid was asleep thought we would go and spectate from a distance. We went to downtown LA by City Hall where things were kinda bad as far as protesting went, and I was videotaping it on my phone.

I eventually ran out of SD card space and just began to spectate only. I got in a little closer to see things better and was walking back in forth to see things clearly when I noticed another COP behind the police line walking stride in stride with me and staring me down. When he saw that I had made eye contact with him he demanded that I come to him and he yanked me behind the police/riot line they had formed out of COPS and handcuffed me saying im under arrest for batterizing a police officer with a bike lock. I tried to explain to them that i dont even owna  bicycle or a bike lock and that my Fiance was right there with me and could clear this up with them but they just put me in the car no matter how much i begged and pleaded and cried to them and took me to jail.

I got out the following day on my own recognisance with the promise to appear in court for my arraignment hearing on December 16th 2014. I need to raise 3500 dollars for a decent criminal defense attorney and any court expenses i may have so that I can get these charges dropped and then turn around and file a civil lawsuit with the LAPD for wrongful arrest and detainment, charging a citizen of a crime he/she did not commit, pain and suffering and emotional/medical distress. Please America and my friends and family please help me  because if these FALSE charges stick to me I'm going to lose my nursing license my job and me my fiance and our disabled 3 year old daughter will be suffering more than we already are. PLEASE HELP ME AMERICA I HAVE NEVER BEGGED FOR MONEY BEFORE BUT IM BEGGING.

I do hereby attest that the proceeds from these donations will go driectly to a lawyer and nowhere/nothing else.

UPDATE 11-26-14 8:01 PM. PST.
After having uploaded the video files I took of the night of my arrest, I took a look at the time and date stamps on the files and took a screen shot of it as well as the ticket containing a copy of the time of my arrest. If you look at the screen shot i took of the video files, you will see that it says "Created" then the dates being 11-26-14 which is of course today. The fact that it says "Created" and then todays date means that it was uploaded from my phone to the computer today at exactly 3:01 pm, Meaning yes it was created on my computer today. If you look at now where it says "Modified" then "yesterday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2014, ‏‎1:36:56 AM" that means it was created on my phone at that date and time exactly. TELL ME WHERE IN THESE VIDEOS YOU SEE ME THROWING A LOCK WHEN THE TIME DIFFERENCIAL BETWEEN THESE VIDEOS IS EXACTLY 11 MINUTES BEFORE MY ARREST TIME, which I have of course uploaded a photo of as well. copy of my arrest time and date

those are the videos

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Donate 5 dollars and I willw rite a 60 second thank you song on guitar and perform and sing it on video to be sent to you
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donate 20 dollars and my fiance and I will bake you cookies of your choosing or banana bread and will mail it/deliver it to you
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Donate 50 dollars and I will send you 10 movies of your choosing new or old. NOT PIRATED! just saying
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donate 100 dollars and I will give in person/video guitar lessons for 75 days.
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