Dexter Needs Ear Surgery
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Who is Dexter? Dexter is our 3 and a half year old Labrador, Australian Shepard, Pit Bull mix child. Yes child. We never had kids and our dogs have always been our children. He is the sweetest thing. We wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

He is very rambuncious, with tons of energy. He and his "sister" Harley play for hours on end each day, and we believe this is how Dexter got hurt. At first we thought his ear was swollen due to a bee sting. The more we researched online the more we realized that wasn't the case. Dexter has what is called an aural hematoma.

According to PetMd - "While a hematoma is any abnormal blood filled space, an aural hematoma is a collection of blood under the skin of the ear flap (sometimes called the pinna) of a dog (or cat).

Ear hematomas occur much more commonly in dogs than in cats; they are generally the result of trauma to the ear flap, either from an injury or from the dog scratching at the ear. Itchiness can also be an underlying causative factor, often occuring due to ear mites, allergies, infections or foreign matter in the ear canal."

In Dexter's case he plays rough with his sister, Harley. Sometimes he shakes his head around furniture and ends up whacking his ear on the coffee table or something. We believe that is what happened here. 

I am the only person working, and my husband has been diagnosed with medical problems of his own and they have cost him one job and right now he is looking for something part time, but in the meantime Dexter's ear is getting bigger. We don't even have the money to take him to the vet! We did take him to the Humane society and I told them we didn't have any money for the office visit and the girl helping me handed me my paperwork and said "hold on to this. When you have the money for the office visit come back and you will already have the forms filled out." I was really mistaken over what they were about.

I've done lots of research online and read many stories about folks having to deal with this exact issue. According to the majority of the stories I've read the surgery that Dexter needs is between $300 and $600. Then there is the after surgery medications and check up visits.

Setting up this donation page wasn't something we decided to do lightly. It's not easy to sit here and basically ask friends and family to take care of the dog we love and are suppose to take care of.

We would appreciate any help folks can give! Thank you and God Bless!

Harley and Dexter playing in the backyard this Spring. Dexter before hurting his ear.

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