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On April 11th i was riding my motorcycle to an event and a woman in a hurry, didn't look, changed lanes hitting my front tire. She FLED the scene. And in a mater of seconds put my family in a place we really don't want to be..

On April 11, 2014 My family and i was forced into a position that we didn't deserve...

I was on my motorcycle in Allen heading to a event to show my support. I was going west on Bethany st and was at the light to turn right onto the I-75 North bound service road. There was two cars infront of me in the turning lane.

the light turned gree and all three of us made it around the corner, i changed lanes and moved to the left lane. the truck two cars up hit his brakes to turn into the shopping center. The woman who was between me and the truck floored her gas peddle, i heard tires spinning. I looked over only to see her almost in my lane. I attempted to brake and swerve but it was to late, she hit the front tire of my motorcycle with the back of her car and i was forced into a curb. I did my best to recover and control the bike, however i was going down and i knew it. I put my right leg down hoping i could keep the bike upright and i guess i was still going to fast or the bike was already to far over.  The driver fled the scene, leaving me broken, laying in the middle of the road.

The end result is my tibia was split in half going down my leg, the top two pieces of the tibia was forced thru my knee, shattering all the bone and tendons, only to lay rest on either side of my thigh. Oh and she hit and ran. We have no idea who she is. The witness's stopped looking at her and started paying attention to me so they never got her plate number.

They did emergency surgery Saturday and tried to piece all the bones back together. My leg is being held together with 11 screws and 3 plates. During the surgery they were unable to repair or attach any of the muscle in my leg due to the fact that it was so sliced up and torn. Currently I am unable to put any pressure on my leg for the next 3-5 months, where at that time they will attempt to do another surgery seeing if they can remove any of the hardware and finish rebuilding my bones in my leg. I will once again be down for 3-5 months. Where we will once again have another surgery where they will at that time, attempt to reconstruct the muscles, tendons, etc. Over all, at this time, the Dr is estimating that I will not be able to walk without assistance for 3-5 years. During that time I will be going in for 6-8 surgeries.

I am unable to work at this point for a possibility of a year, if not longer. I have reached out and applied for disability and other assistance with bills and medical costs.


  It truely humbles me to have to ask for this help, however i have exhausted alot of means already and have filled out application after application for governmet assistance.  I am also activly searching for some type of work from home employment that will help provide for my family.  I am not someone who is just going to sit here and beg for help and not be willing to help myself.

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