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I'm trying to get a foothold on life. I'm attempting to move out. I'm attempting to find somewhere to live and begin my education if I can ever find suitable work I can do online. I'm just asking for help because I'm at a disadvantage.
This is for myself as I'm trying to get a foothold on life. A laptop is my first step in trying to do something. If I continue to leave home for long periods of time without a connection to the net and everyone I know, there is a strong chance I'll get stranded once again like I have once before, for over three months, all because I wasn't prepared. I know I should focus on education as a priority, but with my parents view on education being as low as it is, I have to wait until I move out.

As for the "Stay home, you don't need to be leaving..." arguments, If you sit in your 9x9 room 350 days of the year, without much human contact, and no visible signs of your life improving, you may begin to touch up on how I feel. Lol And yes, I just described being in prison, pretty much, though I'm living with my mother and stepfather. I also have medical details further below. The only thing I have that a prisoner doesn't, obviously, is internet, a single basket of my own clothing, and home-cooked meals. And the actual ability to leave if I want to, as long as someone assists me.

Also, in regards to the "Why do you need that much for a laptop when you could just get one for $200 or refurbished, and it's the same exact thing? Stop taking free handouts and get a job." To answer this, read the rest of the article. Secondly, buying used or refurbished computers is a security risk, and more often than not, you're not going to know if the computer is 1 hour away or a year away from being trash as it fries itself without you expecting it. Never buy refurbished or used computers unless they're cheap, you know what you're buying, and you're not using it for personal information, for work, or anything of that nature. As for the "Get a job," I'm disabled. Please pass your judgement onto people who deserve it, whether they eat your tax money or spend it on drugs, or misuse welfare.

Essentially as I leave home, this will be my gateway in searching for jobs and researching further information in my surroundings, along with providing the same services I do from my own home when it comes to repairing computers for free (though a rare request,) via my friends, family, or co-workers. And as mentioned above and below, I will be using this laptop for many many years to come (hopefully for over 6 years) ; both for work and school, and for graphic design if I ever go into that area of education.

And if you're asking yourself how I leave home for long periods of time, that would be with the assistance of whomever is housing me, to pay for my flights. This means I pay very close to nothing, and where I go, I usually do household chores and help out around the house to ease any strain on the friends that I'm staying with; it's an even deal, usually.

I am not begging you to spare me your change. I'm only asking you help if you have the spare money and don't have any use for it. Helping myself, or even other people, would be better than to just let it sit. At least, that's how I see it.

You may read below, but most of the information you can read has been summarized here. Aside from details on my life, my mother and stepfather, and some other personal information.

Thank you for your time, folks.


Entire Details:

I'm not really expecting much from this site, but I've got next to no other option at this point.

As things stand, I'm without a mobile computer (aka, a Laptop,) I indeed do have a phone, but when it comes to keeping connections with family, friends, etc, and the fact that I do volunteer work online as a moderator for some community-supported games, along with doing free computer repairs on-the-go, I don't have the necessities. Tablets aren't a replacement either because they... well, it should be self explanatory if you know anything about electronics.

There's also the fact that if I get an online job, though probably not in the near future, I won't be able to participate if I'm due for a family trip or something. Having a portal at all times to access what you need is such a basic fundamental that no one really ever thinks about it until they don't have what they need at that very moment.

A laptop is pretty essential when it comes to my daily needs, as most of my current hobbies, interests, friends, family, and job opportunities are all hosted on the internet, especially when taking into consideration the last three years have been in near-perfect solitude. I can count the amount of decent people I have met in 3 years on one hand, and usually they're just as broke as I am.

These past three years have been a train wreck since I moved to Texas after being forced to drop out of High School in West Frankfort, Illinois. Due to my parents resistance to allow me to get my GED (to pay for it, to provide me my papers, to assist in anything at all,) I'm inapplicable for just about anything besides janitorial work...

(And no, most businesses save their clerical work for senior or long-standing workers, or for those who require certain credentials from college or past experience. And we all love the "I'm here to get experience for work, because I don't have experience." infinite loop.)

I'm unable to pay this because I can't work in the area. I have scoliosis and the possibility of either a) fractured discs b) herniated discs, or c) compressed discs in my lower back that prevent me from doing any type of manual labor without going into severe pain. I'm unable to sit up into a correct posture for more than a minute or two before regretting doing so.

That said, I'm about as frail as a pregnant woman when it comes to the activity she should be doing each and every day, and having to limit herself. And in no way is it fun. I'm stuck in bed for the remainder of the day and night, trying to keep myself preoccupied to ignore the severity of my depression. I am not 100% bedridden; I leave any time someone wants to come and pick me up and hang out at their house or get something to eat, but other than that, being stuck in bed is the norm for me.

My parents are not supportive, as my father was a drug addict, and my mother (whom of which I live currently,) denies any responsibility to assist me. She believes all of my medical complications are fiction and that I'm not working on purpose, and that I quit my job because I'm irresponsible.

(The actual instances that forced me to quit my Nightshift Maintenance at Walmart was the fact I would have to do double or triple the work as I was told to do my normal duties. 1) Pushing in the parking lot baskets without the assistance of a motorized cart pusher, 2) Emptying all 18, 60-gallon trash cans each night, 3) Cleaning all of the debris off of the hill to the side of the store, which takes a good hour or two on its own, and at least 200+ session of having to bend over to pick up the smallest unsightly piece of trash, 4) sweeping all wooden floors, mopping all wooden floors, 5) and finally cleaning the front and back bathrooms of the facility.)

((The problem was, everyone but myself would half-ass at what they were supposed to do, and I was always told to clean up after them, and that means doing what they were supposed to do while I was out working my ass off. This consumed every bit of available time I had, and thensome, and if I did not finish all of my and their jobs fast enough, I was scolded. I was not allowed to work overtime, if I did, I would be fired. I did not receive benefits because they refused to hire employees for part-time and still do, yet forced us to work 40 hour weeks. In the end I grew tired of being used; I lasted a month before my lower back refused to let me work any further, mainly because of those damn 60 Gallon Trash Cans in the parkinglot that are filled with festering liquid that would make you vomit; they weigh easily over a good 60 pounds if I were to guess, and the cans would often rip the bags and spill all of the trash everywhere because the other employees didn't even know how to bag a trash can correctly.))

[[ I inquired about available positions with the electronics and clerical work, and all positions are taken or saved for the company's "loyal workers" as a type of promotion. I don't do cashier work because I have anxiety attacks when I have to communicate with people I've never met or spoken to before, due to a social anxiety problem. ]]

I may look healthy, I may act healthy... but it's the complete and total opposite. A lot of the older folk out there use the "you're young, suck it up, when I was your age" as an excuse to throw the weight on everyone else, and justify their habits.

As for diagnosis from the medical professions, I'm able to get anything diagnosed because I have no supportive family or friends to where I'm able to have a check-up and to see what's actually wrong with me. But at the current time, that comes second in comparison to leaving and finding a job. And I say that because I know whatever is wrong with me, it's permanent. This computer issue, however, is temporary and a major roadblock. As for my diagnosis in general, I have had a friend or two in the medical field check over my back and evaluate my overall pain to come up with a close summary, along with an idea of what could happen.

I would file a student loan, but as it currently is, I'm not prepared to go to college, including the fact I still have to gain my GED due to parental laziness for three years, and the problem that I don't have the money, ride, or files of my own to go apply. Loans also require me to owe money to the state, which I cannot make. And I don't know if it would be a type of fraud to file for a loan when I'm not even going to college yet.


I have a home computer, that's all good and dandy. But when I go on trips to other states, I'm gone for weeks to months without access to the internet, which isn't smart. I'm unable to look for jobs, I'm unable to look for information or anything that is taken advantage of by your everyday person.

Here's one of the desktop computers I was used to working with, and if you think it looks bad? ... well to be completely honest that's just a computer without a Tower / Case. There's not really anything wrong with this. However, it's an example of the fact I know what I'm doing when it comes to electronics:

That said, I plan on buying one of the following, depending on how this goes...

VIZIO Thin and Light CT15-A1 15.6-Inch Laptop

If I make more than expected, I may get the CT15-A2 for a better CPU.

If I gain even more than that, I will probably get the CT15-A5 for tablet capabilities.

Which rounds out to between $650 to $850 in funds, depending on how this goes. I'll also be looking for "box was only opened" deals that usually cut off some money from the purchase on its own, though the product is completely untouched.

My laptop from 2005 lasted a nice, long, 6 years. But the monitor has since died, the harddrive is not functional, the trackpad is worn through, and various other parts of the PC are completely dead. I can't repair it anymore.

Any help would be appreciated, however, I'm doubtful this posting will help me ((I have indeed already been proven wrong, thank you all for helping me so far.)) I apologize if this seems rather selfish, but it's something I absolutely have to have in order to begin the preparations of moving out of my mother's home to start supporting myself. Volunteering and everything else aside.

A few dollars go a long way.
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