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Hello friends!

My name is Addam 'A-Train' Waitkus (some of you know me as EpicATrain), and I am the author of Epic's Language Filter.

What is Epic's Language Filter?

Epic's Language Filter is a program that I wrote to block swearing and other bad language, such as racism, put-downs, and acronyms. Included in the software is a few server utilities designed to make managing the server easier for administrators by automating a lot of the more unique commands that normally are very time consuming for administrators.

I've used language filters in the past and haven't had great success. What makes your language filter different?

The problem with traditional language filters which you might find in a lot of games is that you have to add every single variation of a word you know in order for it to properly block it. That means you have to wait for somebody to actually say the bad word first THEN add it to the list. If a person is at least a bit crafty, they can bypass the language filter by simply adding an extra space, repeated letter, dot, or more. After a while, it gets old and you want to find a better way to filter out unwanted language.

With my language filter, you don't have this problem. This language filter is written in Regular Expressions, also known as Regex. This allows me to write a smart filter that analyzes what a person wrote. It breaks down the sentence... everything ... and converts it into readable text, filtering out numbers, punctuation, and extra spaces, leaving raw words. The filter then looks for the bad phrases and words.

So what does this actually mean? Well, here's an example: If somebody types in public chat, h&e$l.lllll o, the filter will remove the impurities, then see it as the word hello. It checks the word hello against known AND probable words. What do I mean by probable words? I created a few Advance Filters that dedicate every known English variation of a word and puts them on an allow list. If a person creates a new word and it's not on the allow list, the filter automatically blocks the word. This is very handy if you have a certain word that needs to be blocked but is legitimately used in other known compound words.

My filters are also smart enough to know the difference between meanings of words. For example, if you want to block the word hell, but not the words hello, shell, or he'll, the filters will leave alone legitimate words and just block hell. He'll will sometimes be changed to he will by the language filter and sometimes just leave it as he'll, depending on how the language filter is feeling on that server. No, this language filter does not have a personality, although some might disagree.

Does it actually work?

Yes! I've had great success since the first public release. The number one problem I have isn't a person trying to circumvent the server but instead are false positives. It took many months to tweak the filter to the point where it produces as few false positives as possible. I'm always looking for server administrators to help test this filter to look for bugs.

I wanted to create a filter that was stronger than anything that came before it, and I have achieved that. People have found it extremely difficult, if at all, to bypass the filter. Why? Because I focused on circumvention tools and filters first then the bad language. A good portion of the program is dedicated to anti-circumvention tools.

How many words or phrases does it block?

Over 300 unique words, phrases, and acronyms are blocked, more than any other server filter.

What language is it written in?

As mentioned above, this program is written in Regular Expressions, also known as Regex. This program requires a higher end programming language to make it run, such as Java, which is what this program is specifically geared towards. Regex is more of a scripting language than a programming language. It's mainly used for looking through data and pulling out the information that people need, rather than making a game, or doing advanced input/output.

What game or platform is this for?

Currently, this program is used for Minecraft servers. It requires Bukkit, a server management & plug-ins program, and Pwnfilter, a plug-in for Bukkit that makes this program possible. I do not own, nor am I the author for Bukkit or Pwnfilter. I am the author and owner of Epic's Language Filter.

Is it free?

Yes! This server side software is currently free.

How can I get it on my server?

Server administrators can get public releases of my language filter here:
Server administrators that are interested in testing my language filter can acquire beta versions of my language filter by contacting me on the Bukkit website (, through facebook (, or by email (atrain(nothinghere)online [at] gmail (dot) com).

Can I modify it to use for my needs on my server?

Yes! Server administrators may modify this work to their preference for their server only, if so desired, as long as such work remains property of Addam Waitkus and remains distributed freely of charge. This work may be distributed in current format free of charge as long as this work remains free of charge and used only on the game servers listed above.

I play Minecraft/My son or daughter plays Minecraft, can I download this program?

Sorry, this is purely a server side modification. Currently we do not have anything available for players (client side). For a list of servers that employ my language filter, you may contact me on the Bukkit website (, through facebook (, or by email (atrain(nothinghere)online [at] gmail (dot) com).

How often do you update?

I update at least once a month. Most times you'll find me turning out updates several times a week. I strive to keep the list up to date with relevant words.

Can I use this on another game?

Possibly. We are looking for developers to create plug-ins for different games that will allow this program to be used universally across many games and many platforms. Currently, it only works for Minecraft but we hope this will soon change!

Is it copyrighted?

Yes! This program has been copyrighted since November 4th, 2012, and is registered with the United States Copyright Office.

What are your future plans for this project?

Our current goal is to spread the word of this language filter and employ it on as many Minecraft servers as possible.

Our future goal is to have this language filter used across servers on various platforms and games.

Our end goal is to create downloable client side software that filters incoming information and removes bad language. The goal is for people to browse the internet, youtube, play games, etc without ever having to worry about or seeing offensive language.

Where can I go to donate? What will the donations be used for?

Funding this project is critically important! As of right now, I am currently unemployed and I have no income coming in, and due to deteriorating physical health, finding employment is getting harder and harder. I am very blessed right now that I have friends and family that are helping with my expenses at the moment. If you would like to help with this project and help me create a safer place for our kids to play online, then please consider donating:

I use Paypal's fundrazr program to bring in donations. All money goes through Paypal to help pay for my expenses which help fund this project. For more information on Paypal, goto:
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