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Hi my name is Ben, 24y/o and I am a graphic designer with deuteranomaly. I started working as a graphic designer in the recent years. Color theory is important to me and I would love to be able to learn and use it well - and see the world just like you :)

Today I was confronted with my problem again, which is deuteranomaly (a type of red-green blindness), so I began to research again and found enchroma which I already know of for a long time already but never thought of getting it because of the high price. I remember the first time I saw videos of people using enchroma glasses and their reaction is just phenomenal.

"Deutans are people with deuteranomaly, a type of red-green color blindness in which the green cones do not detect enough green and are too sensitive to yellows, oranges, and reds."

In design, color theory is a big part of the process that I will never master, I thought - since I have deuteranomaly. But still I try my best to do my design and choose the colors that I am confident with. Since I still see "most" colors except for the ones between red and green, I still can differentiate most of the colors but I am very limited to the choice of the tone. I never can be sure that it is a good combination, so I usually look up color schemes by other designers instead of creating my own set of colors which is disappointing to me. But it's my only resort if I want to have a good work unless I ask my friends/family (usually my sister haha).

So anyone who want to help me, can feel free to donate something. I set the goal to $250. A pair of enchroma glasses can cost up to $430, but I will pay for the rest by myself. I didn't want to just let other people pay all for me, but still would appreciate your help.

I don't expect much, just thought I would give it a try.
Thank you.


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