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Sweet little Harper needs help. Around a year ago, Harper began limping intermittently. Every now and then, on our walks she would suddenly pick up her right rear leg. She did not appear to be in pain. She didn't whimper or cry. She just went about her business on 3 legs. I took her to her vet, and she was diagnosed with a condition called Luxating Pattelae. This essentially means that due to genetics, the groove that her kneecap rests in is too shallow, and the ligament holding her kneecap in place slips off to the side.

In most cases this condition requires surgery to deepen the groove, but sometimes it can be resolved with excercise, diet, and certain supplements. As surgery is painful, and requires a lengthy recovery period, we opted to try this before commiting to surgery. After about a month, she stopped limping entirely. We were elated, and hoped the problem was solved. Until recently. About a week ago, out of nowhere, she began limping again. She's become very lethargic, and has lost interest in everything she's usually so enthusiastic about. Walking, running, playing, incessantly trying to get up into my lap. Even eating.

I took her back to the vet, and our fears were realized. The condition has worsened. The ligament has stretched and weakened. It seems that the condition had not gotten better. She has perhaps only been favoring her other legs, and had unwittingly masked her symptoms, allowing the condition to worsen.

There is no way around it. She will need to go under the knife. I have been informed that the longer we wait, the greater chance that the pain will become worse, and she could develop osteoarthritis in her leg, which can only ever be treated with drugs to lessen the pain. It breaks my heart to think of her like that.

Although I know it is my responsibility alone to care for my animals, I simply cannot afford the $2,000+ operation that she needs.

So, I am asking for your help. Anything you can give will go a long way toward helping her. I am not asking you for the full amount. I will be putting everything that I can toward the surgery. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and for considering helping my furry little girl. Please feel free to pass this on. Every bit helps.


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