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Cottontail Cottage Farm Sanctuary took a direct hit with covid-19 and needs your help to get through this tumultuous time. We are doing everything we can to put the health and safety of the animals and volunteers first. Considering we are a summer tourist destination that brings visitors from all over the world, we remain closed to the public. This has resulted in a big revenue loss for us as we have had to cancel our seasonal farm tours. We were so excited to show everyone what an amazing place this is and introduce you to all the incredible animals. Sadly, our hopes to re-open are looking slim. Though, there is a possibility autumn may find us offering private tours by appointment only. Please subscribe to our website mailing list and follow us on social media to stay updated on when this will be.

Ruby, the blind hen, gets a ride! (Photo: Ruby, the blind hen, we rescued this past spring)

We need your help getting through this dark road that seems to stretch further than anyone expected. Our spring fundraiser for hay was a success but only bought us three months’ worth and now we are down to our last few bales. The animals currently go through 4 bales a day. At $6.75 a bale that works out to be $27 dollars daily; $810 a month; and $9,855 a year. With local fields cutting RIGHT NOW, this is the very best time to store up on hay for the year. It kills us to drive past and smell the sweet, newly cut grasses curing and know we can’t fill up our hayloft. But, that’s only hay! We also need to provide grain, bedding, supplements, cat and dog food, medical supplies – and of course, there are always veterinary bills.

(photo: our rescue horses are happy, healthy and flourishing!)

It is August! That may not mean much to those of you who live in warmer climates, but to us “Mainers”, it means winter is right around the corner. We are working around the clock to finish critical projects that require soft ground, this includes putting in fence posts to expand our pastures. The goats, sheep, pigs and horses have all out-grown their current spaces and need more room to graze and run and play to stay healthy and strong. This would also help to cut back on the amount of hay we have to buy. The perimeter fencing would enclose a huge area to provide all that. The cost to do this is $2,500. We have just finished clearing the land where the fencing will go, all we need now are funds for the posts and field fencing. We can’t stress enough how much the animals need this extra room and are pushing our own limits to get it done as quickly as possible.

(photo: rabbits will always have a home here)

Though the path we tread so carefully upon, is narrow and fraught with worries and fears, it is a huge relief to know that you are right there beside us. This isn’t just the efforts of a few people who share a love and commitment for animals in need, it is all of us working together – and with your help, we can conquer the odds and come out securely on the other side. Thanks to you, we ARE here and able to give animals a second chance. Thank you for taking up the torch and leading the way to a better world where animals are esteemed, loved and given the respect they so deserve. Thank you for your compassion and partnership with us in saving lives.

(photo: Be proactive! Help make a change right now!)

Please donate if you can. Every bit helps – big and small. Just like the animals we care for. It all adds up to something incredible.

Tax-deductible donations may also be sent to: CCFS, 471 Milbridge Road, Cherryfield, Maine 04622


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