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It’s the call that we have gotten so often now that President Pam holds her breath before she answers. Whether it’s directly from a shelter or from one of our partner vets.... “I have this dog here in front of me, owners want to euthanize... can you help?”
In the last month, that exact call has come for Luna, Petunia, Bexley and last night for Ash.
This tiny one year old 7 pound boy had diarrhea and was vomiting and his owners brought him to our friends at LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital and, after the vet examined him and came up with a plan, they asked her to euthanize him. We cannot imagine what goes through the owner’s minds, but we know what was going through the vet’s mind... nope... find a way to save him.
So the call comes, the picture sent and then the conversations start... “Can we really do this AGAIN? Take in another very sick dog when we are still reeling from the last month? When we still have 3 parvo puppies in isolation there, when Dumbledore had a CT scan and all his inner ears removed?” And question after question after question.
The answer is the same, “He deserves a chance, he deserves to live.”
The yes was given, the surrender form was signed and Dr Rosainz started treatment. We are starting with bloodwork, xrays and ruling out of horror diagnoses like parvo (that one came back quick no!).
Ash is as sweet as can be and just wants to be pet and comforted at this point. He’s been started on fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. He will likely need an ultrasound to see what is happening in there and to rule out obstructions.
We will keep doing this for as long as our amazing community allows.  You are the fuel in our safety net.  We cannot do what we do without you.  Do we have it in us to save one more?


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