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Healthcare disparities are highly prevalent among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities. Health equality requires providers who will impart and advocate the care, respect, safe space, and cultural competency for LGBTQ people. Therefore, it is imperative that those in the healthcare field receive adequate cultural competency training and education.

However, finding concrete solutions for LGBTQ disparities is often challenging, which is why we founded OutCare Health ( OutCare offers a unique online method to promote awareness, provide up-to-date information and education, and increase the cultural competency of students and providers so that the future healthcare workforce can deliver better LGBTQ care. Our comprehensive online health resource is not only impactful by identifying culturally-competent providers and resources for the public but is also self-sustaining with consistent and unique viewership and state-specific teams across the country. We have identified over 2000 providers and 500 public resources across the country! We also have established over 15 state-specific teams!

OutCare has grown through the volunteer efforts of our incredible team and Board of Directors. However, as we continue to expand our reach, our expenses are growing. We hope to expand our cultural competency training series to the general public as well as hospitals and clinics nationwide. OutCare is also looking to hire full-time staff to support the growing needs of the organization. Additionally, we plan to enhance our website and build a mobile app in 2020.

In order to achieve these goals and ultimately make more resources transparent, modernize medical education, and promote cultural competency, we are actively seeking your support as an OutCare donor. Your contribution will help us achieve total healthcare equity for LGBTQ people. Make a difference today!