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Disabled dogs in Greece
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My name is Eva. I am 35, a PhD Candidate of the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, a student of Fine Arts at the Academy of Athens, and actress. 

I rescue stray dogs and cats in Greece, where we have big problems, as the state is very absent and mostly volunteers work. 

I am mostly involved with disabled dogs.

I am the mum of one disabled dog, one disabled cat, and one more dog that was found in the garbage when she was a puppy.


I am not member of an association for the moment, so I open this account as it is impossible for one person to cover all these expanses, and the associations are full and unable to help. 


In this moment I have two dogs with mobility problems, Diana and Foxy, who need to travel to the Netherlands, as they can there join the farm of an activist where they can live a happy life. I will continue trying to find their forever homes, but I do not know when this time will come, and it is impossible for me to have more animals apart from my 3 ones, for long time in a small flat.


So for the moment the money I need is for the airplane tickets of the two dogs from Athens to Holland and my ticket, as we land in Amsterdam and need to drive an almost 2 hours distance, money for the car we will rent to take them there, or if any volunteer sees it, and can take us there, amazing :), and some amount to donate to the woman who will take them to the farm. She is an activist with many animals and also disabled animals, so we want to support her decision and life, and of course the animals' care.


I thank everybody in advance, and I am available for any question.


I introduce you my little angels:



Diana will be 2 years old in the end of June. She is a sweet, loving dog of almost 2 years, who is disabled after a car accident in a village in Greece. She was left on e month tied in a sheepfold with her back legs paralysed, until she was rescued.

According to 4 orthopaedic vets that examined her, she will not walk again, though she is a happy and quiet dog who can live a normal life: she enjoys long walks with her wheelchair, playing with other animals (gets along well with dogs and cats), loves human presence and being stroked, an ideal companion for children. She loves being I company and "talks" all the time! When I pet her she gently puts her head on my arm showing her gratitude. She is a happy and very playful dog, who run around even without the wheelchair and has a lot of fun and humor!!

She is 19 kilos, healthy, microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized- analysis and booklet available.

She is very quiet at home and never destroys anything. As many paralysed dogs, she is incontinent and it is better to empty her bladder by pressing it. This can be controlled by regular walks or a diaper if she stays longtime alone at home.

She is actually hosted in Athens and receives therapies, but she can travel abroad if she finds her forever home.

You can like, share or contact her page on FB,

"Diana, the dog, is looking for her forever home", Diana-the-Dog-Looking-for-h er-Forever-Home-1121901557 991954/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Diana's amazing photos are a kind offer of Penny Marathon, Eleftheria Prodromou and taken by Irini An.




Foxy is 1,5 years old female, and was hit by a car in the north of Greece when she was a puppy. She was left in the middle of nowhere to die, but some women found her, and took her to the closest big city. She made a lot of therapies and is now able to stand by her own and walk, with some small disabilities. She is currently receiving hydrotherapies and responds very well. 

She is a very happy and playful dog of 12 kilos, she is a little bit shy in the beginning but then when she feels safe she is a sweet and tender character. 

She is incontinent in peeing and needs diapers.

She is healthy, microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized- analysis and booklet available.


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