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Brennon Nastacio (Bravo1) de-escalated a situation when Kyle Thompson entered Standing Rock w/a loaded AR-15 & got a "terrorizing" charge, later dropped. However, he was then given two federal charges 1. civil disorder 2.use of fire & is facing 15 yrs

Brennon Nastacio (Bravo1) is facing two federal charges from Standing Rock:
1. Civil Disorder
2. Use of Fire to Commit a Federal Crime
He is facing fifteen years in prison.

Brennon was originally charged with "terrorizing" for peacefully de-escalating the situation when Kyle Thompson (hired security through "Leighton" contracted through DAPL) took a loaded AR-15 into Standing Rock and was pointing it at innocent people.

When video evidence surfaced to prove Brennon was innocent and did NOT "Terrorize" Kyle Thompson. All of a sudden Brennon was named by someone at Standing Rock to the feds and was given his federal charges. OF course, the "Terrorizing" charge was dropped but the two federal remain. There was a RUMOR going around that Brennon had his charges dropped that is FALSE.

At first, the Water Protective Legal Collective did NOT want to help Brennon. They collected millions of dollars and told Brennon to get a public defender because there were NO funds to help him. After a lot of hard work and networking to people that donated sufficient amount to the WPLC then they finally agreed to help Brennon and provide him with two attorneys.

Later the Freshet Collective said they would pay for Brennon's attorneys that were provided by WPLC. They used to work in the same office with WPLC and something happened and they spilt. However, later Brennon wanted a new attorney that was not tied to WPLC.

Initially, he was told it would be a quick process then later things switched up. We were told that our prospect attorney was exchanging and even TALKING to Freshet's attorney. However, none of those conversations were happening. In fact, there was no introduction made between the attorneys. So there was no working on a third party agreement to get the prospective attorney paid by Freshet like we were told was being done.

This was NOT found out until Brennon and family FLEW to NYC to speak in person to the Freshet Collective board President who wouldn't talk to them prior to the trip. Brennon and his family have been forced to miss work and spend money in order to pressure people who got millions of dollars to actually make him a priority.

It has now almost been a month since Brennon requested for his new prospective attorney to be paid and it still has not been done.

We can't sit back and rely on an organization to pay for Brennon's attorney anymore when he is facing 15 years in prison. As of now, there is NO court date but that could all change! His new prospective attorney should be paid so he can take the case and get to work! He has made the commitment to make Brennon his priority but, to do so he def. needs to be paid.

Brennon saved lives and deserves HELP! So we are turning to the public to PLEASE get Brennon help. He literally put his body in front of a loaded AR-15 to save LIVES. He deserves support.

Freshet was agreeing initially to pay federal defendants attorneys up to $50,000 and shared money for resources. We are trying to fundraise at minimum $65,000 to cover the attorney and any travel expenses for court cases, taxes for the donations, and fees for crowd funding etc. We don't want to put up a fund but at this point, we need to make sure Brennon is advocating for himself. He has had a tremendous amount lost due to these legal battles and has not been properly supported. PLEASE SHARE AND PLEASE HELP US GET HIS STORY OUT.

For more updates check out "Justice for Brennon Nastacio" on Facebook. He is selling T-shirts and hand made dream catchers as well. 

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