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From the streets to a loving home in Vancouver
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The streets of Bahrain are very unsafe for dogs they're beaten, run over, burned alive, hung and even poisoned. A lot of these dogs are very homeable. We have partnered with Big and Small Rescues to hopefully find these dogs the loving homes they deserve

We are a group of individuals looking after strays in Bahrain. During this time we have become acutely aware of the enormous number of stray cats and dogs here and the heartbreaking suffering which they endure. This is due, in part, to the extremely harsh climate with temperatures in excess of 120°F throughout the long summer months. With the basics of shade, water and food, scarce for them to find, many die just from dehydration and starvation. They also suffer hugely at the hands of the local population who treat them in cruel and sometimes unbelievably sickening ways. For example, earlier this year a very friendly female mamma dog had both eyes gauged out while still alive! Stray dogs are hanged, burned alive, poisoned, hit by cars on purpose, kept in cages too small for them so they go crazy. It's safe to say that homeless animals do not survive long here without our support. Animals in general here are not respected or loved. We are trying to do our very best within the resources that we have to help the stray dog population here. We do CNR and vaccinate puppies. We have even opened a temporary shelter which can house up to 20 dogs. Here, we take in dogs off the street, socialise them with people and other dogs and try to find them loving, stable homes. In order to continue helping other strays we give ourselves a year to do this. However, finding them trustworthy homes has been a challenge. Some have been lucky to do so, others are still waiting for someone to open their hearts and homes to them. This means that we now have to look for alternatives for these dogs as they are ready for a home at the end of this period.
This brings us to the reason that we have partnered with big and small rescues and are transporting 9 of our dogs to Vancouver in November.
All of our dogs have been through so much on the streets and now it's time for them to get the loving safe haven that they deserve and need.

It costs around 400 USD per dog just for their ticket. So we need to raise a total of 9991 CND to be able to pay for their vaccinations and microchipping and flights.
Please help us achieve this goal.

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