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This fundraiser is intended for those who care about its message and wish to use its tools and resources, pathways and platforms and /or be part of the inner circle right from the start.


Gamifying Evolution in Fitness -->  From Body building to #bodyPROUD.

  • Social experiment rewarding those whose message, transformation, experience, product or service proves valuable for the body, mind or spirit
  • Inspiration, Information and Insight --> players earn points for being introspective and empowering on social media and in their daily life.
  • Pathways, platforms, prizes & publicity for winning players and brands


Founded by Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien, FAME launched the Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Movement into the Canadian marketplace in 1998; helped pioneer its growth worldwide by 2000; introduced Figure and Fitness Model events into the scene by 2001, and catapulted the industry to the next level with FAME: Fitness And Model Expo in 2003. As a result, a dedicated niche market formed. Individuals-turned-athletes became known as fitness stars. New jobs, brands, products and services emerged to keep up with the demand. FAME’s pathways and platforms became an official launching pad: a one-stop shop for exposure -- magazines, TV shows, an online community, and a world tour of workshops, seminars, physique events and expos -- through the industry and into mainstream society. This niche market segment went on to generate hundreds of millions in revenues and customer acquisitions.

With support from media, trainers, fitness centres, and strategic partners around the world, FAME evolved into one of the largest fitness event tours and fitness talent agencies of record → reaching tens of thousands of competitive athletes and aspiring fitness role models: and inspiring millions of people around the world to make positive change in their life.

I n 2007, the #bodyproud philosophy was established as a concept to fill voids in the industry and course correct: empowering in-shape athletes to love better how they look, feel and think about themselves and their body; enabling them with tools and resources to transform themselves, grow their reach, and inspire others... while bringing recognition to outstanding ethical and Good4ME brands they come to love / believe in / trust.

The last decade has been devoted to research and development, strategic connections and systematizing the concept into a movement. Today FAME is aligning with forward thinking people and equipping fitness talent, key influencers, thought leaders, athletes, physique models, holistic wellness specialists and product providers with a platform to  empower  one another , influence a culture, and help spearhead a movement:  From bodybuilding to bodyPROUD! 


Phase 1 is already underway as part of the Facebook community.  A special page has been set to attract, inspire and empower the last two decades of fitness athletes and fans. Already home to FAME's history, it is set to be archive thousands of nostalgic photos, videos and stories from some of the industry's biggest stars, as well as professional athletes to weekend warriors; mom and dads to cover models; social media stars and industry icons to event promoters and international organizations; and from longtime fitness enthusiasts to new seekers of wellness. A point reward system encourages sharing, tagging, and commenting amongst them and their fans. 



Leveraging 150 plus years of Experience, Expertise & Passion from the Core Competency Team whose toolkit includes skills spanning the industries of Fitness, Alternative Health , Media, Empowerment and Events: Productions of TV shows, and movies; International Magazines and a World Tour of Stage Events; Empowerment Schools and Entrepreneurial Certifications; Community Builders and Creators of Global Cultures -- both live and online. Their Treasure Chest of Accolades include #1 TV shows, Hit Movies, becoming Publishing Giants, Top-Ranking Websites & Membership-Based Cultures.


Your time, your focus, your money... All help.  
Together let's make this next evolution in fitness begin!

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