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Bamboo Gets Active to Support AHC
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One of the most important aspects of Bamboo is that we want to give back to the communities that we work in. Please help us to raise money for Angkor Hospital for Children where no child is turned away!

We Are Bamboo

Bamboo is an adventure tour company that strives to make a difference. We are specialists in Givebackpacking; we ensure that we make a positive change everywhere that we bring guests. We have been showing people a good time in Siem Reap, Cambodia since 2014 and absolutely fell in love with the beautiful country and incredible people.

This year, for the first time, we are joining the Get Active weekend for Angkor Hospital for Children. On Saturday December 2nd, there is the Bike4Kids, where our team are cycling either 17, 30 or 100km and on Sunday December 3rd there is the world famous Angkor Half Marathon.

Team Bamboo will be cycling or running on behalf of Angkor Hospital for Children and we couldn’t be more excited to share all of the good that they are doing with our massive community.

Angkor Hospital for Children is a non-profit paediatric teaching hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Since establishment in 1999, they have provided more than 1,500,000 free medical treatments to children in need. Their vision is that all Cambodian children have access to quality compassionate medical care whatever their ability to pay.

They are more than simply a hospital; treatment, education and prevention are at the heart of everything they do. With community outreach programmes in rural areas and strategic partnerships across the globe Angkor Hospital for Children is working to make a lasting improvement in child health locally as well as globally.

The hospital is staffed by 99 percent Cambodians with every department represented by Cambodian leadership. Hospital departments include outpatient, inpatient, intensive care, neonatal, surgery, eye clinic, dental clinic, education and research, homecare, social work, external program, pharmacy, laboratory, physiotherapy and radiology.

We are reaching out to everyone to ask for help. They need funding to continue offering their incredible service for the youths of Cambodia and we want to do everything that we can to make sure that it happens! We have seen the amazing things that can happened when the Bamfam is engaged, so let’s take this even further and break some records!

We’d like to introduce the team! 

Running the 21km half marathon


NAME:Steve Williams
LIVES:Bangkok, Thailand
JOB:Co-founder of Bamboo
FAMILY:Wife, Pai. Two sons; Tyler aged 5 and Lewis aged 1.
Love running, done loads of it. Ran 3 marathons; Chiang Mai 2014 and Bangkok 2015 in Thailand and London in April this year. Have run over 100 half-marathons, all of them in Thailand so this will be my first ‘international’ appearance at this level! In all honesty, at the time of writing (September) i’m not feeling very positive about my chances to compete. I have a very painful heel injury that has sidelined me for the last 8 weeks. I am very slowly getting back in to running and i’m doing everything i can to be fit so please send your positive thoughts this way and who knows!
All being well, i can’t wait join this event with the rest of the BamFam. It’s going to be a truly amazing experience, not just to be side by side with them but to be running around the Angkor Wat region all in the name of a very good cause #proudtobebamfam
That eye-waveringly handsome man in the photo is yours truly at the finish line of the London Marathon - without question one of the proudest moments of my life!


Hi, I am Ravy, Bamboo Teaching Coordinator. As a football player and kids football team coach at Happiness House and Kidtea School, I would like to do the half marathon for helping the Children Hospital. Playing at small football field and running at a very short distance now I would like to do the long distance in order to get experience and challenge myself. Hope I can do well!!!


Hello there!
Ro here,  the Strategy & Planning Manager for Branding & Marketing based in our Bangkok office.  
I've jumped off the Macau Tower to raise money for kids with congenital heart disease before and I've participated in a half marathon in North Korea last year, but I can't say I've done much prep leading up to this race.
I'm new to the team, so be nice and say hello if you're around - I promise I won't bite ;).  I look forward to running in beautiful Siem Reap for AHC.


Running the 10km


Hey y'all! My name is Camila and I am currently based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This December, I'll be joining hundreds of other people in the annual Angkor Wat Half Marathon, where I'll be running 10k and raising awareness in support of  the AHC. This will be my first race over a year, and I'm excited to get back on track for such a great cause. 


My name is Sorphaon Se. I am 26 years old, I am married. I was born in Viheachin
village Sangkat 2, Siem Reap and my address now in Viheachin village, Sangkat
Svaydongkum, Siem Reap. I graduated high school in 2010 and graduated with a
Bachelor degree of Accountant in 2014 and currently I am studying for a Master degree
of Finance and Banking at South-East Asia University. I worked at Florida
International School in 2011 as Receptionist and from January 2012 to May 2017 I worked
at New Hope Cambodia Organization as English Teacher of the Kindergarten class for
one years and half and as Accountant for four years. I am now working with Bamboo for more than 3 months as an accountant and in admin work. I am really happy to join the team.


Hello, my name is Vankeng! I am from Siem Reap and I work at Bamboo as a project coordinator. This run is very important to me because I used to work for Angkor Hospital for Children. I love children and my old workplace. I miss everyone at the hospital and want to help them raise money. Thank you!


Hi all lovely friends! I’m running for kids this year, 10K!
It has been so much great opportunity for my people here, especially the kids in Siem Reap who need health care and treatments where you don’t have to pay a single Riel. AHC has helped us a lot and now it is a time for us support them to continue their wonderful job. Help us to make a different.
I’m raising more funds via my company so please list my name when you contribute through this link ………
With Loves, Sateka


Sawadee ka! My name is Rungnapa Tippayatadong…but you can call me Gift! I am the Thailand Operations Director, based in our Bangkok office and will be running 10km. I’ve done a few races before but looking forward to this one in beautiful Siem Reap in support of AHC. Go Team Bamboo!

Sokhon (10km run and 117km Bike Ride)

I’m doing Angkor Marathon (10K) & Bike4kids (100k) for AHC! Oooyan/aren’t you?

Being one of the citizen here in Cambodia who has passed a lots of memories from my childhood, The AHC has been in my heart as they have saved many lives and done so much good things to more than 1.5 million Children and families in this friendly region. The best thing is, they've brought us hope and love!

Help me to help them to help our lovelies kids and people. 

***Please list my name if you are with me***

Sann (10km run AND 117km Bike Ride)

Hello everyone, I am Sann Khlem and I come from Siem Reap Cambodia. I have been working with Bamboo for 10 months and I am helping the Siem Reap team and I am really enjoying my job so much. This event is an international event that involves doing charity to help a nonprofit health care service in Cambodia so I strongly encourage all of you guys to contribute with us if possible, if you can. At the end, I believe that everyone will be participating with us, in any way that they can! Thanks so much all my family and friends!

Running the 3k


Hi everyone! 

My name is Jasmine! I've been living in Siem Reap for a month now and have just taken up running again. I can't wait to be able to help ACH and kill my legs and lungs in the process. This will be my first race ever so wish me luck! 

Cycling the 37km course



Mark is the Co–Founder of Bamboo and previously the Co–Founder of The Bamboo Project. The brain–child of over 10 years of travel, far too many moon parties, a flip–flop, elephant selfies, 3000 hi5's and piggy backs, tuk tuks, spicy food, bad tans, wanderlusting, awe–inspiring, toe–tapping, bucket guzzling adventures with a wee touch of magic.

Mark is the creative one (and the younger) of the 3, ensuring the Bamboo brand, the bamboo family, our karma and anything else we create is fresh, of the highest standards and upholds our fundamental principles to be the greatest adventure company the planet has seen.

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Mark loves his mam, a pint and rugby (a true Welshman). Inspired at a young age to see the world, Mark spent years wandering and meeting amazing people (most of whom helped shape his persona today). That was until finally one dark and stormy night he met a fellow knight of travel–adventure–awesomeness, Steve Williams, and after exactly 3 pints and a packet of cheese and onion crisps, Fat Panda and The Bamboo Project was spawned into existence! Never looking back they are proud of their Bamboo Baby, the team that help support it and excited for what the future beholds.

Mark is currently single...ahem (just saying).


My name is Kristin and I am the social impact manager at Bamboo. I love Cambodia so much and the Angkor Hospital for Children is one of the most incredible organisations I have ever visited. Cycling 30km will definitely be a challenge but I am so looking forward to being able to do something to help the AHC! Wish me luck!


Hey everyone!
I'm Anne and I currently live in Siem Reap, Cambodia! I've been working with Bamboo for over a year and love love love everything this company does and stands for! Including this amazing charity run/bike fundraising event! I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and as many of you know bikes are a real "thing" there. Can't wait to get on a bike again, but after not riding one for a year not sure how this will go! 

Whoop, whoop! Go BAMFAM!!


Hey everyone, I’m Arron, currently rocking my dad-bod with pride, and signing up for a 30km bike ride to show everyone that I’ve still got it.

Not all hero’s wear a cape, but raising money for Angkor Children’s Hospital doesn’t require one anyway.

The whole Bamboo Squad are at it, so I need to bring my A game.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so be nice and show me some support, it’s for a good cause. Look at it like a beer you owed me for something nice I did for you.

Your money will go directly towards taking care of sick children in Cambodia. You know it makes sense, and I will also Facebook live the whole thing for your entertainment.


Hey! My name is Claire , I am 21 years old from Cambridge , United Kingdom! I am very excited to be part of the BamFam and help such a worthy cause. I love a challenge and excited to cycle around the amazing Siem Reap and also for the beer at the finish line!


Hi my names Alice and I live in wonderland (Siem Reap) but originally from Somerset, UK. For someone who cries if I reach a hill on a bike.. I feel this ride might be quite the challenge but for such an incredible cause, its 100% worth being unable to walk for the week after! AHC does so much for the local community and I feel privileged to join the bamfam to help support them! Bring on the achy quads!


Hello - Geneva here! This one time in University, I entered a bike race and ran into a tree in the first 5 minutes of the race, breaking my bike, and earning myself a DNF (Did Not Finish) because I had to walk it back to the starting line… Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen again this time!  But if it does, at least it’s for a good cause ;)

 Happy to have the opportunity to ride again in support of the Angkor Hospital for Children, an amazing cause located in my current home - Siem Reap, Cambodia!  


Cycling the 17 km course


After leaving school at 16, Colin Salisbury was told that he was best suited to being a construction worker, did he prove them wrong! Colin went on to get a Masters in International Development, and it didn't stop there. As a part of his thesis, Colin flew from his home country New Zealand to Ghana to complete a research project for World Vision. Whilst there, Colin had a light bulb moment: There is so much need around the world, and so many people who are willing to help, but they just don't know how. What the world needs is a go–between. Something that could link willing volunteers with these local organisations... A Global Volunteer Network.

In December 2002, Colin launched an organisation bearing this very name (GVN) with nothing but a computer, $500 and a couple of mates to help him out. This organisation then flourished into an internationally recognised NGO, placing over 22,000 volunteers across 20+ countries. Whilst doing this, he also launched a Youth Ambassador program, a US non–profit, a global solar lighting project, and a training academy for social change makers. As well as this, he personally volunteered in Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and locally in his home country, New Zealand.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Colin is now pursuing new dreams by joining forces with Steve and Mark from the Bamboo Project to form a new travel brand called: "Bamboo."

Colin is not only the "big ideas" guy, but the guy who brings those big ideas to fruition. You'll spot him as the one with the perfect balance of chill–down–to–earth–kiwi and charismatic entrepreneur.

As well as being a proud kiwi, marketing guru and international development black–belt, Colin is a husband to his lovely wife Jo, and has two creative teenage daughters. When he's not travelling the globe, Colin's favourite things to do are spending time with his family, drinking good wine, and going jet–skiing.



Hi, I'm Lucy and I work for Bamboo in the Bangkok office as Sales & Customer Operations Director. I love wine and cheese and cigarettes and haven't exercised since this should be interesting!


Hi my name is Hornn and I am from Siem Reap, Cambodia. I work with Bamboo as a project coordinator and I am very happy to help my community by doing this bike ride and raising money.


Hi my name is Thea, I work at the Fat Panda's Cafe. I am cycling 17km to raise money for the Angkor Hospital for Children. I'm so happy to do this with my team and we can help the children of Cambodia.


Hello!!! my name lida am work with bamboo project i just want to help the kids and one more thing for my own physical exercise, hoping what we will be able to join together!! From LOVE


Hi beautiful people. I am participating in the yearly Bike4Kids on 2nd December 2017. I will be doing the 17km bike ride around the ancient capital city of Cambodia, the Angkor City in order to raise money for Angkor Hospital for Children. This hospital has been treating hundred of thousand of kids for free and I myself went there when I was really sick at the age of 12. Please support this cause by donating to support me here . Every single cent of your donations will help the poor and vulnerable children get free treatment. If you make any donations, please write my name so that we can see that you are sponsoring me! Much appreciated.


Hello, my name is Fang. I'm from Surin,Thailand. I work with bamboo as a project coordinator. 17 kilometers it will be my cycling first time, i'm very excited. I love cycling and I love to help childrens. That's why I joine to help AHC.

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