Dutchess Was Hit By a Car
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It can happen so fast...one minute they are in the yard and the next minute they are gone and sometimes when they are found, everyone's life has changed. 

That is what happened to Dutchess...

Dutchess' family reached out to us for help for her after Dutchess was found hit by a car after she got out of the yard.  She was badly wounded and needed urgent medical care and rehab her family was not equipped to provide.  Could we help her and could we help her right then?

Dutchess was seen at Dr. Bruce's Animal hospital and then transferred to LeadER where she could be seen by Dr. Ledesma for triage and then a surgical consult with Dr. Horgan once she was stabilized.

The list of injuries and issues is a long one....Dutchess has a degloving injury to her paw (meaning the skin was ripped off), she sustained broken bones in her foot where her foot meets her leg, lots of bruises, wounds, and punctures, she is understandably very painful, she has a dislocated hip that will need an FHO repair, and she is dehydrated.  Her wounds were infected, so cultures were taken to ensure Dutchess was receiving the correct abx to knock out the infection.  Her wounds were cleaned and bandaged, and once she is more stable, Dr. Horgan will get a plan together for her hip surgery and how to attempt to fix the broken bones in her feet with the wounds.

You are what makes it possible for us to be able to say "yes" when dogs like Dutchess make their way to our door.  It is your generosity and compassion that makes it possible for us to not turn anyone away.  All it takes to join Dutchess' care team is $1 and if everyone gave just that $1, we would never have to worry about finances again.  Can Dutchess count on your to help her?



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