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Season 9 - Friday5K is like totally going back to the '80s
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Like, Ok, so, Friday5K is like totally going back to the 1980s for season 9 in 2020. It is fer sure to be more righteous than anything I have ever attempted, except for my single white glove, parachute pants and Member’s Only jacket phase of 1983.

In true 80’s fashion you will be collecting totally radical stickers.  There will be 10 bitchin’ custom stickers, one for each race and each race represents a year in the 1980s.  For the first time ever, Friday5K will also be giving awards for overall male, female, male and female masters, and three deep in age groups.  Like merit badges, all awards are circular stickers and highly collectible.  In addition to the themed finisher stickers, the overall and age group awards, there will be games with associated merit stickers as well as more valuable prizes. I know, you are probably thinking, "Stickers are tits, but I already decorated my locker this year, dude." No duh, take a chill pill, my little Care Bear. You are going to put them on your very own Friday5K 1980s inspired, totally tubular, hydration bottle.  The hydration bottle is designed to fit 11 merit stickers exactly.


This 1980s themed hydration bottle features a Rubik’s Cube in front of an idealized Lake Michigan sunset, with room to place your favorite 11 earned stickers. There are a total of 18 possible stickers to be earned.  One themed to each race and that race's specific year, and the Top Banana sticker for the overall male and female winners, the Master of the Universe sticker for the male and female master winners at each race, age group stickers 3 deep, Name That Tune sticker, Trivial Pursuit Sticker, and the coveted Rock Paper Scissor sticker.  The individual race theme stickers will be revealed at the race to which they belong.  However, here are all 18 stickers along with the main logo for the season.  The race year stickers have been pixelated.

This sweat proof, insulated, stainless steel bottle holds 25 oz (750ml) and is perfect to hold your Bartles & Jaymes or Hi-C Ecto Cooler. Like the McDLT, it will keep what is meant to be cool COOL and what is meant to be hot HOT. It will also hold water, no fake, and comes with a leak proof cap. Ultimately, it will serve as validation of your trippendicular achievement, your trophy and your hydration delivery system.  Whether you acquire the bottle or not, at each race you attend you will be eligible to receive that race's custom themed sticker.  Quantities are limited, but anyone that attends with their Friday5K 1980s themed hydration bottle will receive first priority in the distribution of stickers.  The bottle is designed to fit all ten stickers. Can you complete the set? All it takes is perfect attendance.

This way cool hydration bottle is fer sure to become a prized possession as it serves to honor the achievement of your attendance by acting as the display of your Friday5K finisher stickers and other merit awards, as well as acting as your trophy.  Invariably, this bottle will add a fantabulous nostalgic glow to any environment in which it is placed and will certainly start many conversations. Additionally, acquiring and applying the stickers is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap. With the same confidence I had in 1983 when I proclaimed that Cyndi Lauper would be bigger than Madonna, I am confident this hydration bottle sticker collecting is most definitely going to be the happen'en thing to do in 2020. I can only imagine you are stoked to discover how you can acquire one of these collector hydration bottles.  

Again, 2020 will be filled with all sorts of fun 1980s inspired games and prizes, including for the first time overall winner recognition for male and female, master male and female and age group stickers 3 deep.  Yes, we will have all that, but we will also have everything that makes Friday5K your fave.  You will still get to run the least bogus course in West Michigan on prime numbered Fridays. You will get an accurately timed event with finish line clock, finish photos posted on FB, video of you crossing the finish line, and custom records for every individual to have ever run a Friday5K at Beachwood Park.  The annual tournament will also be returning and the top four participants will receive 1980s inspired trophies.

Can you feel the rush?  Personally, I am beyond ampped and a contribution from you would be choice.
   You don't have to contribute to the level to receive a bottle, and not having a bottle doesn't preclude you from earning and acquiring merit stickers, but it is a righteous place to display them.

Friday5K is a bodacious value, but we are handling funding a little differently for season 9.  Your contributions will be placed into a "bank".  Funds will be withdrawn from the "bank" in the amount of $300 per race, up to 50 finishers and then $5 per person above 50 finishers. Children 14 and younger will not count towards the total number of finishers. Races will be held as long as the balance remains positive, even if that balance is not enough to cover the $300 minimum at the next race. If the balance becomes negative, races will be skipped until such time as a positive balance is achieved. Claim a perk and that total dollar amount goes into the "bank."

Season 9 will feature the annual tournament, potentially 11 races, 11 finish line pics, 11 videos of you crossing the finish line, a totally boss 3.5" sticker for your Honda Spree or Trapper Keeper, the set of 10 custom themed finisher sticker on your hydration bottle, merit awards, and other fun games. The 2020 season is going to be the bomb. There is also going to be post race fun and games with prizes, potentially cash prizes.  

I need to bounce, but like I totally thank you for your consideration and look forward to handing you your gnarly 1980s themed hydration bottle on November 29, 2019.   Later days!

Note: You have the option to make contributions anonymously as part of the process.  Additionally, if you want to make contributions by cash or check, please email me at


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