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This link is probably coming to you from someone you know who knows the victims in this story.  This campaign only started sharing on May 15, 2019. 
Funds are sought for the criminal defense of a devoted single mom who has been falsely charged with a violent crime of kidnapping in California (penal code 207) which indicates taking a victim by force and fear against their will. The maximum sentence for this crime is 8 years in state prison.

The child in the story was a 15 year old girl in 2017 (she is now 17) who has autism.  She was raised by her mother alone from birth; there was never a father in the picture at all. When the child entered adolescence there were hallmark autistic behavior problems that intensified with pubic meltdowns, meltdowns in the home which could be triggered by anything happening that was not to the liking of the girl.  All very customary and known behaviors in teens with autism.

Meltdowns in public (over lost shoes, or suspended iPhone privileges, for example) brought the Department of Child and Family Services into the family's life.  The child emphatically insisted over many months of interrogation and harassment she was never abused or struck.  No one has ever seen her abused or struck.  No marks or evidence of any kind that she was abused or struck were ever produced. She was thriving physically, had made remarkable progress from 10 years of intensive therapy and biomedical interventions, was a varsity championship athlete and 4.0 student at the time of her detention.

Yet, in 2017, after a dramatic meltdown in the family car, the mother was arrested and the child taken into DCFS custody.
The mother was in total compliance with all DCFS demands and the child was returned by the court within 72 hours.

But, it didn't end there. DCFS was outraged the court did not take their side and doubled down, filing false affidavits and new false complaints against the mother based on no witness or bystander complaints at all, just internally manufactured complaints that were entirely fabricated, to get their way.  They harassed the child daily, interrogating her for an "admission" that she was abused that never came.  Then they finally got their way. In the fall of 2017 the child was removed from her safe and loving home based on the false affidavits.  She was placed in a "foster home" in the ghetto with a mentally ill single woman where there were no others present.  The abuse began within the first 2 days of the child's arrival there.  

Daily reports of abuse by the child and mandated reporters were called in and written to the county. The abuse continued including starvation, refusal to allow bathing or access to the toilet or to clean clothes.  Refusal to allow the child to attend school.  Blocked from court-mandated visits with her mother, threatened with physical abuse and death for supposedly being "racist" and a "monster" who was disabled and "possessed by Satan" who "deserved to die". As punishment for sneaking food back from school the child was beaten and imprisoned in a room with no access to the toilet or, food or drink for days.  The child lived in constant terror that the woman would make good on her promise that the child "deserved to die".

None of the abuse complaints were responded to by the county. The child went back to court and told the Commissioner in open court she was being abused at the foster home placement and the Commissioner sent her back to the abuse.  Within three weeks after being returned to the daily abuse the child ran away from DCFS on her own.  Surveillance cameras captured her walking off her school campus with her bag on her back unassisted with no one in sight.

When the mother was faced with protecting her child or sending her back to the abuse, she chose to protect her child and did not return her to the county.  That was 18 months ago. There are now 9 months until the child is 18 and will be free and clear of county detention and abuse.  The child has issued written statements and videos to the county that she ran away of her own volition and can leave whenever she wants and go where she pleases.  Still, the county is holding the violent kidnapping charge against the mother despite the evidence there was no kidnapping.

The child has no other family, no grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or other parent. The mother is the only support she has. Without the mother's support she will face the world alone.  So we are trying to keep the mother out of prison.  She plans to turn herself in once the child is past 18 and won't be detained or abused by the county anymore.

Here is a message from the child who is now 17:
"When we left to save my life, we lost everything. We abandoned our home and everything in it, we left our car, everything is gone. DCFS has destroyed my entire life and caused me to lose everything, and no insurance can pay for the loss of our home, my childhood memories that went with it, everything I owned. It was that, or I would still be held against my will with a child abuser in county detention, so my mom saved me. And, my mom has never struck me, abused me, or done anything but helped me and protected me. There was never a mark on me, ever. They made their story up to get their way."

In the meantime we need to raise funds for mom’s criminal defense. An attorney has been identified and is confident he can defend the case and ensure the mom is found innocent of the violent crime she is charged with. Several criminal attorneys have assure us that it is in no way illegal to raise funds for someone's criminal defense even if they are not yet in custody. The child is filing her own separate civil law suit against the county for violations of her civil rights.
*If preferred, larger donations can be sent directly to the attorney*

This is a matter of justice, of safety for this child who faces the world alone if her mother is imprisoned for protecting her.

The mother has spent her life since 2005 at the time of diagnosis, devoting every day and every dollar to her child's well-being and recovery. She has thrown away her home, her livelihood, and her life in the US to save her daughter from government abuse.  She has been a supporter of other mothers facing autism, has been a Generation Rescue "angel" in support of other children with autism for years.  Now her own child needs this help from the community.

You can easily donate via this link to the criminal defense fund.  It is also possible to donate directly to the attorney in amounts over $500  - who will be retained when the goal is reached.  Contact this fundraising account for information how to send money directly to the attorney. Any amount no matter how small will help in reaching this goal.  We have to fight back against the corrupt "justice" system in this case and protect this child from losing the last thing she still has: a loving mother who is the only source of support she has in the world.

In addition to donating it is crucially important to share this fundraiser whether by posting on social media or emailing to friends. Thank you in advance for your support in doing all we can to keep this child’s life intact after this nightmare she has endured.

*Any amount of donation helps!*





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