Jomei Had Suffered For Two Years...
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He has a doxie face and had suffered with an unimaginable condition and was then surrendered to be put down.

His medical records speak for what this little soul has endured...."Dog presented for an evaluation of rectal prolapse with a reported history of two year occurrence.

Alopecia and scabbing under right eye.  Rectum is severely prolapsed with approx 9CM of colon exposed....Some areas were darkened with suspected compromised blood flow..thick mucoid discharge in the area, perineal hernia palpated on left side.

Humane euthanasia is recommended....due to intensive post-op if survives surgical procedure"

In case that isn't rough enough the heartbreaking thing is this could have all been avoided if he had been neutered.  He likely got the hernia's because he wasn't neutered which made it hard to poop which caused him to "push" harder and the harder he pushed, the worse it got to the point that his colon prolapsed.  

Currently, Dr. Unis has pushed 9CM of colon back inside Jomei  and sutured it to keep the tissue moist until he can go to surgery.  When they go to surgery, if there is any dead tissue along he way, they will need to resection his intestines to put it back together and we are just going to hope that doesn't happen...

Since 2018 has started, we have made miracles with two broken pelvises, a hydrocephalus surgery, IVDD, mammary tumors, skin issues, wounded seniors, and we are back again to ask your support for a rectal prolapse.  Do you have it in you to give Jomei the same chance you have given so many this year?



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