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Hooch has lymphoma.
It's in the early stages, so prednisone will help keep him comfortable. Unfortunately he is not a candidate for chemotherapy. I'm working with an herbalist in S. Korea to get him a blend of herbs that can help a bit.
Hooch is a case that has always hurt my heart.... he was done dirty... if the trainer had just taken the time to check his teeth... he would not have suffered for almost 3 years. He also would not have ptsd, nor would he associate people with pain. You don't discipline a dog in pain for food aggression. You just don't do that.
I had finally got Hooch to a point where real home was potentially an option, I had finally undone all the damage that poor excuse for a trainer did.... and now... this.
I've made Hooch's apartment bigger and we got him a bigger TV. We all got him a ton of his favorite fuzzy blankets from Homegoods so he doesn't have to wait for a clean one to dry.
We will continue to keep him comfortable and spoil him rotten for as long as he has left. I promised him he will never have a bad day again when I first met him... and I will continue to keep that promise.
He's happy... he has his K-pop and T-Pop on YouTube and watches his Taiwanese and Korean dramas on DramaFever. Friday's we watch Kung Fu movies. He will get whatever he wants.... whenever he wants it.

This fund will cover his food, supplements, and medical expenses (and an occasional new fuzzy blankie... they are his favorite) 


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