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Mila Would have Died Without Coming to the US
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Our friends at Ashes to Glory do the best they can with the resources available in Puerto Rico moving as many dogs as they can out to rescues in the US.  When we agreed to welcome Mila on their latest flight, we knew she needed medical care, but we had no idea that this sweet girl could have died at any time from a very unique condition.

We knew Mila had some issues, an eye injury that would need treatment and possibly the eye removed, and she had, what we believed to be a hernia.  Not a huge deal, but something that needed attention.

Mila arrived on the latest transport from Puerto Rico and was taken, along with the rest of the dogs from that flight, to our amazing partners at LeadER for a checkup and to get settled both medically and psychologically before heading to foster homes.

Mila was one of the first to be checked out due to her eye and hernia and when Dr. Johns aspirated the hernia, she was stunned to get urine back in the needed.  A set of x-rays revealed that somehow, either through birth defect or likely trauma, Mila had suffered a tear in her abdominal muscles that lead her bladder to fall through the muscle wall, which then somehow moved her uterus out of place which resulted in the highly likely possibility that with everything out of place, that Mila's uterus and bladder could become entangled, cutting off blood supply to one or the other causing a life threatening situation.

After vetting over 3,000 dogs this was a new one for us and while we thought it sounded pretty precarious and urgent, apparently even we didn't understand the danger Mila was in and after a review pf her case by Dr. Horgan, Mila was taken almost immediately to surgery to get everything back in its place and the tear in her muscle wall sewn back up. 

Mila's eye, which we thought would be the more complex of her issues has taken a back seat and an exam showed that she suffered a trauma to her eye which went untreated and the eye shrived and died which will have to come out in a 2nd surgery.

She is resting comfortably after surgery and we are back again to ask your support for a little girl who would have likely died an undiagnosed and painful death without advanced medical care.  Now, with the talent and skill of Dr. Horgan and Dr. Johns, she is hopefully on the road to recovery, but we need your help to cover the cost of Mila's care and be ready for the next sweetheart from Puerto Rico that needs us.

As always, every dollar counts toward the funding finish line and even if you are not able to donate, your comment alone supports Mila as the more comments we have, the more people who see our stories!  Thank you!!!



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