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I am beginning a whole new franchise that is both the start of something new and also founded on a century old character from the public domain. The central character of this franchise of movies, books, audio-programs and other products to come is the character of Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E.. Mr. Wogglebug started out as a tiny ordinary bug and after spending years in a one-room schoolhouse, secretly learning from the wise professor and the students, he was found and projected onto a magnifying screen to the size of an adult human. The moment he had the chance, he escaped from the magnifying screen and left the schoolhouse to venture out into the world and see it from the perspective humans see it but insects cannot, and also to interact with the human world on a level no insect of any normal standards ever could. He believed himself to be worthy of admiration and capable of being a strong role model for young children. A steadfast hero for the importance of education, knowledge, and learning. As well as a staunch hero for the world of the fantasy genre at large. Which people of all ages in this day and age delight in with all forms of entertainment and art.  

Mr. Wogglebug is to be the center of influence of, as well as to help children view the great picture of the journey called life. He is a positive hero toward the benefiting of the education, entertainment, and overall fulfilling enjoyment of the children of new generations. My movies and picture books portray him from beginning to end as always courteous, optimistic, and skillfully intelligent in the face of any and all situations.  

My movies involve the Wogglebug having the same origins he had in Oz but except they take place in a Land called Genoma. There he befriends a six-year-old girl from our world and from there on he starts on a journey that intertwines with hers. They have an adventure rescuing the Enchanted Forest from being overruled by darkness as the Wogglebug with a bit of help from Sylvie passes the tests of demonstrating the Seven Living Values of Intelligence (Honesty, Courage, Perseverance, Courtesy, Kindness, Loyalty, and Humility) while he succeeds at teaching her to believe in herself. This movie also contains messages about how nature grows and flourishes and how we can help it to survive as a whole environment.

The next movie starring the Wogglebug is a "stranger in a strange land" type of film in which he is transported into New York, and in the spirit of all the best Family Films, he changes the reality of a group of humans for the better before he leaves their dimension for his own again. He himself discovers along the way the very meaning of what true love always is no matter what kind it is, or how it is given or received.

Next the Wogglebug retraces his origins and rescues his old schoolteacher, Professor Nowitall from imprisonment by a demented magician, and with the aid of a couple of gentle troll wizards he also finds the Four Keys of All Wisdom. The four keys to wisdom are: intelligence through honesty and good intentions, deep unconditional love, optimism in the joy of living, and all-natural growth. These he uses to succeed at every obstacle in his journeys to come when he and Sylvie next go on a quest to find magical artifacts through the skies via airship, on the ocean via a sailing ship, and on land in various ways, and encounter many places and creatures in many twists and turns of their own journeys.

He grows in his perspective and his status in Genoma at the same rate as Sylvie grows up in her world and gains deeper education through the wisdom he teaches her which enables her to ease through her personal problems that arise over the years. In the end of the film series he makes a triumphant return to the real world when Sylvie, Tasha, and Eleanor are young adults and he helps a gentle space creature to get his message to the people of Earth, restore the galaxy's colors, and thus prevent any war among the cosmos from ever starting.

What We Need & What You Get

The target goal I've set is $7,000 with flexible funding.

The perks I have come up with, along with the aid of Richard Poshard  as the voice of the Wogglebug, are to give all contributors a general idea of what the overall franchise of WogglebugLove Productions is about at this point.

If anyone wants just one of these items listed, please let me know in a comment, or if you desire more you just donate up to that amount and also let me know in the comments.

Donators of $5.00 receive my gratitude in that they support this franchise. The higher donations receive this and  more. As listed:

Donators of $10 receive the DVD of the first movie "The Wogglebug's First Adventure with Sylvie: Rescue of the Enchanted Forest." In which the Wogglebug and Sylvie have their first adventure discovering things about each other while going on a quest to save the environment of the land of Genoma from destruction by connecting the elements of the greater picture in the forest.

Donators of $15.00 receive the above and also the second movie to come to DVD."The Wogglebug's Adventure in New York." Which is an excellent family film in which the Wogglebug first comes into our own world.

Donators of $25.00 receive both of the above DVDs and the one of the third movie in the series. "The Wogglebug's Quest for the Wisdom Keys." In which the Wogglebug finds friendship with the Frogman and together they go on a quest to find and use the hidden four keys to all of wisdom that appear to the Wogglebug in the form he is best suited for. Many other characters are introduced in this film also. Such as the Troll Wizards, the little Dragons, the living teddy bear king, and the Stooge-a-Saurses.

Donators of $35 receive the three above listed movies and a bonus fourth one of the fourth movie. "The Wogglebug's Journey for the Magic Wish." Which is an adventure for the magic lamp treasure that will grant the wish to the one who rubs it in the right way. Along the way, Wogglebug, Frogman, and Sylvie encounter islands on the sea and on the clouds and many outstanding creatures and people.

Donators of $50 receive the above and also can choose one of these 7 images from either the picture books designed by Richard Walsh or from the actual movies filmed by me.


Donators of $75 receive a specialized custom-made calendar with pages above the monthly charts that are from either Richard Walsh's pictures, or stills from short films done by me.

Donators of $100  receive a "12 inch tall Wogglebug plushie that is in the design of Richard Walsh's illustrations and also from how he looks in my movies. He is custom made by a renowned toy maker and very cuddly and highly prized. Note: This example of the doll is approximately how it will look after I can afford to work with a professional custom toy company which will cost at least between $500 to $2,000.

Donators of $150 receive  paperback copies of the novelizations of the three movies listed. These novelizations help enable readers of all ages to have the insights that I put into these films and the ones to come.

Donators of $200 receive an exclusive "Choose Your Own Adventure" storybook by Cynthia Hanson. The Wogglebug's First Interactive Adventure which features adventures in many various ways, places, and with many outcomes.

Donators of $250 receive  paperback copies of 7 picture books about the Wogglebug's new  life in Genoma, as illustrated by Richard Walsh. 

1. The Wogglebug and Sylvie's Rescue of the Enchanted Forest
2. The Wogglebug and the Four Keys of Wisdom
3. The Wogglebug's Magical Wish Journey
4. How the Wogglebug Saved the Tailor
5. The Wogglebug's  Book of Manners 
6. The Wogglebug's Fun With Seasons and Holidays 
7. The Wogglebug's Methods to Finding Lost Things

Just as these books are excellent for beginning readers, Walsh's illustrations of the Wogglebug have the authentic look and feel of a cuddly creature any child or adult could feel the urge to hug.

Donators of $300 may receive the complete package if they are sure they want the complete package with no exceptions. 

Donators of $500 receive all the above and a customized picture book and mini-movie of 10 - 15 minutes to be dedicated to a specific child you either have or know of to give them a happy birthday gift. The maximum available for these is limited to five individuals. Only up to 5 individual donators are eligible for this per year.

After the campaign closes they must email me this basic information: The child's name, birth date, gender, geographical location, pet, favorite activity, favorite color. How they would like to meet with Mr. Wogglebug, the special place they would like to visit, their dream for their future; and any special important message you want to give them. All these are what will make the individual films unique to the individually unique children receiving them. They will be digitally delivered at around the due date of the child's birthday. They also will be shown exclusively on the WogglebugLove Productions website's video page.

The funds are needed by me for the following purposes in order of importance:

1. For the label and trademark name and branding to become official and under the legal copyright ownership of me and my custom publishing brand. A deposit must be made up front to the trademark lawyers she has consulted with. This is to be the most expensive task for her. Also the most important as it will protect and secure the overall trademark and copyright I want. This altogether will cost almost $2,000.

2. My payments to Patrick Montello, who voices the Wogglebug as a professional voice actor. He requires payments for any work he lends his talents to that involves profits and charges $50 per milestone. Which involves recordings for the movies.

3. My payments to the picture book artist Richard Walsh for illustrations of her Wogglebug based picture books. Which cost at least $500 per book for 20 pictures on each page at $25 per picture. These books will present the Wogglebug teaching subjects in simple and specific ways which often prove to be very good for early education. 

4. My payments to David Lipari Jr. who composes the music for the songs the Wogglebug sings in the films. Richard and I come up with at least four of them per film and David charges $5 per 10 seconds for them.

5. Last but not least, any remaining funds can go to have the 3D animation starter movies I make starring the Wogglebug entered into film festivals around the country. Either before or after they are released to DVD, depending on the requirements of the film festivals. Submissions to these cost anywhere between $5 - $250.

The Impact:

All of this is to be the start of a small franchise for the Wogglebug's rise to fame which will lead into a much larger franchise in the next ten to twenty years from now which I wish to do my best to work towards with the aid of supporters. 

I'm one who supports The Secular Humanist movement in America. And I fully intend to have the Wogglebug rise to fame in being a positive role model for children in learning how to develop the value of learning to use logic and reasoning skills to find out the right answers, and to think for themselves in the face of adversary. It is my belief his franchise can help progress the new secular humanist movement in America. Since it had been the belief in, and holding to false concepts held by the majority that had been stalling the Wogglebug from being favored for so long. My wish is to use him as an iconic hero for finding out the truth through critical thinking and thus being ridden of the enemies of reason. 

The Wogglebug is even more than this. He is an ideal role model for today's children to be able to gain the ability to believe in themselves when they seem or feel different from all others around them. Such as children on the autism spectrum which I myself had been at least during my childhood, and thus I really believe a character just like Mr. Wogglebug would have made a world of a positive difference for me then. And so I now wish to express these deep feelings to the children of new generations so we can help to make the future brighter for them and the rest of the world, as the children of this generation are the citizens of the next one.

In conclusion, making a donation of any amount to my campaign is to help bring rise to the start of the Wogglebug's franchise and fame. Thus to also support every cause he is involved with. All meant to help make a brighter future for our next generation.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you believe in giving second chances and in making a difference for the children of today and the future by all means be a supporter of the Wogglebug's franchise. In the event you want to help the campaign but are just not able to donate anything, all I ask is you do all you can to legitimately spread the word of this campaign. Share the link to it at any appropriate place. Use the Indiegogo sharing tools to post about this on your Facebook, Twitter, Spread the word.

This campaign should be advertised especially among people who really like animation, especially people who understand and appreciate beginning filmmakers and those who work in movie making programs for the computer like I do. I use IClone versions 5 and 6. And all the more so it must be advertised among people with families with young children. Perhaps preferably children with special needs, such as those on the autism spectrum. It should also be advertised to people who may or not have families with children who love fantasy that is family-friendly and has a good storyline to it. It should be advertised to people who love picture books with lovable characters and will want to show the image of the Wogglebug to the little kids they know of just as much as they want to buy copies and want to see him. 

Please Support and contribute to this project. There is a limited amount of time to. Mr. Wogglebug wants so much to become your child's friend, if only you will help this franchise come to be!


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DVD of the first movie. "The Wogglebug, and Sylvie, and the Enchanted Forest."
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DVDs of the first movie and the second one, "The Wogglebug's Adventure in New York."
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DVDs of the previous 2 movies and the third, "The Wogglebug's Quest for the Wisdom Keys."
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DVDs of the previous three movies and the fourth, "The Wogglebug's Journey for The Magic Wish."
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A custom Jigsaw Puzzle of any of the 7 pictures shown.
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Wall Calendar
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A custom wall calendar of the pictures from the Seasons and Holidays picture book.
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Plush Doll
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A 12 inch Plush Doll of the Wogglebug based on the picture books and movies design.
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Movie Novelizations
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The novelizations of the first 4 movies as penned by Cynthia Hanson.
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Choose-Your-Adventure Book
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Exclusive "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style book about the Wogglebug as told by Cynthia Hanson.
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7 Picture Books
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The first Seven Picture Books of the series as illustrated by Richard Walsh.
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The Complete Package
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This is for those who are sure they want the complete package deal of everything listed above.
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Customized Birthday Wish
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A 15 minute customized Birthday film for a child and, or a picture book.
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