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New Music Video-Gayatri
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Help support this video and upcoming videos. We are so grateful for any support you have to offer!! This and future videos will be filmed in stunning 4K resolution or better.


Please take a moment to watch this stunning new music video shot in 4k resolution. We have created a campaign around this finished video as a way to support this and future music video projects. We are hoping that you will be inspired by the quality and production to help us in creating more! Next up...This is the Day, our most popular song.

This campaign is important to us because it is a way to offer our sacred music in a visual expression. Your contribution allows for us to collaborate with video production and create visual and musical masterpieces.

The sooner you donate the better. The first time you see the video is best! It eliminates the "I'll do it later syndrum" and perhaps you forget. ;) It also builds momentum for the campaign.

Thank You!!

What We Need & What You Get!

So here is what we are asking for... we are looking to raise money for this and more upcoming videos. The next video we have in mind is "This is the Day". For tax deductible donations, please click here:

Where does your money go? It goes to pay for camera equipment, travel expenses (vehicle, insurance, gas...), living expenses (food, rent, bills, etc), and computer/ video production programs. This video has taken over 9 months to complete as well as countless hours by Kristopher, Ananda and Jaya Lakshmi. It has been filmed and produced in stunning 4k resolution. We would be so grateful for anything you would like to offer.

What will you get for supporting this project?

In return for your support, we have various offerings depending on the amount of your contribution. We are offering a pre-release copy of our upcoming album Kundalini Morning Chants (set to release Feb. 16th), a copy of the song, the album that Gayatri is on, a personal copy of the video, other albums of Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda, private concerts (depending on your location and travel expenses).

The Impact

The theme of the video and song 'Gayatri' is one of deep reverence for life and our creator. It is an expression of love and devotion for the beauty and majesty of the earth. The Gayatri mantra is perhaps the most wide spread and ancient mantra still in practice. In comes out of the Rig Veda, the oldest text of the Vedas (India's spiritual tradition) as well as the oldest scripture Anthropologists have discovered to this day. Here is the meaning:


We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of Sin and Ignorance;
May that One open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect.

To learn more visit here:

The intent behind the video is to create an experience for the viewer that merges the innocent, child-like mood of wonder and awe with a prayer of deep gratitude. The nature scenes throughout the video carry the song to an even fuller expression of love - space is created for the viewer to feel their own sublime connection.

With this music video available for sharing throughout the world, the impact will undoubtedly be one of healing and remembrance of our divinity. It has been created to spread concious awakening and healing for all sentient beings.


Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are Oregon based musical artists in the genre of mantra music. They offer kirtan, healing mantra music and Kirtronica (kirtan and electronica fusion). In just over 5 years together, they have released 7 albums on Sounds True, Spirit Voyage and independently. They tour nationally and internationally holding their own events and retreats. In addition, they perform and teach at festivals and regularly offer Kirtronica at ecstatic dances. They have been pioneers in bringing music and conscious businesses together, especially on their USA west coast tours.

In collaboration with Kristopher Love, Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda are able to manifest their music in the visual dimension in a most magical and potent way.

Other Ways You Can Help

If perhaps you are not in the position to contribute, that's fine. But if you feel inspired, help spread the word. Post the link on your Facebook, put on your twitter account, email friends and family, and tell people about it via word of mouth. The video is up and you can view it as many times as you would like!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

About Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda: They sing and play music that initiates deep healing. Thier music opens the heart to divine joy while sharing the grace they have been given through their partnership. Offering a combination of kirtan (call and response singing), mantra repetition, bhajan and original songs, they mix English, Sanskrit and Gurumukhi as a bridge for all those who have been mysteriously called to Yoga and teachings from India.

About Kristopher Love Jnana Devi Prema (Christopher Henry Cokes Taylor): He is a teacher, director, cinematographer, and producer. Kris's main focus is bringing about spiritual truth into media that can be shared with anyone. Kristopher Love started a spiritual media platform, SOUL Spot TV, as an extension to his philanthropic organization SOUL (Society of Unconditional Love). The mission of SOUL is to bring spiritual wholeness to all aspects of the human life through open-source education, media, and an open-source society living guide for a harmonious life with all creation.

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$20 USD
Pre-Release Copy of New Album
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Pre-release digital copy of our new album Kundalini Morning Chants. This album is set to release Feb. 16th, but we will send it to you as soon as you contribute!
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$5 USD
Copy of the Gayatri Song
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Digital copy of the Gayatri Song.
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$20 USD
A copy of the video in 4K
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We will send you a personal copy of the video in 4K as soon as you contribute.
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$25 USD
Love Donation
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Feel like just giving? How about this?
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$30 USD
Any 2 digital albums
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For this contribution, we will offer you any two of our albums digitally. This includes our upcoming release, Kundalini Morning Chants. To view and listen to our albums visit here:
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$50 USD
4 digital albums...
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For this contribution, we will offer you any 4 of our albums digitally. This includes our upcoming release, Kundalini Morning Chants. To view and listen to our albums visit here:
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$108 USD
Online Mantra Workshop
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For this contribution, we will offer you a private skype session mantra workshop for an hour. Have your questions ready and let's explore mantra!
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$500 USD
Retreat at Breintenbush Hot Springs with us!
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For this contribution, you will receive a 4 day/3 night retreat with us Aug 22nd-25th at Breintenbush Hot Springs. Immerse into the world of mantra, bhakti and yoga with us!
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$1,008 USD
Private Concert
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For this contribution, we will offer a private concert. Please note this does not include transportation costs. If it is in our tour flow, we will not ask for transportation costs.
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