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Who is Woman on the Move? 

Jasira Monique

My name is Jasira Monique. Jasira, is Swahili for bold and courageous, a name that fits my love of life and exploration. Speaking of exploration, Woman on the Move, has taken on an entire existence of it's own from being synonymous with my book of poetry, now to a movement of exploring without limits

I'd like to consider myself as someone who leads through example, but I lead or follow in the direction that's closest to achieving my dreams. I can't tell you what I don't know, but I can share with you what I've learned through my experiences. I've experienced many wonderful things and many world shattering things, but the most important thing that I do know is to never give up. Giving up is not an option and my philosophy is until I realize it's impossible through trying and failing, then it's still an feasible option. This philosophy has helped me do so many wonderful things with my son Daniel and now my daughter Sasha Skylar

College International Travel Experience that Changed My Life:

Manila, Philippines

While in college, I traveled to Manila, Philippines and Hong Kong, China as a volunteer in a missions group. These first two international travel experiences helped me fall in love with traveling the world and meeting new people from backgrounds different than my own. I was amazed at the generosity and humility of the Filipino people in a very poor region of the world that we traveled to and encouraged by their resilent spirit. In China, I fell in love with the opportunity to teach Chinese students language learning techniques and admiring their zeal for education. I also marveled at the peace and harmony that existed in their villages; one village that we visited had over 80 family members in it and when we visited their home you could never tell who the home belonged to because of their shared purpose of sharing and giving. I would never have this experience if I had never made the first step towards traveling outside of my comfort zone.

Parenting & World Travel:

Limitless Possibilities - The Ocean & Daniel

As a parent, I knew that I had to expose my children to world travel. I want my children to grow up with humility and a spirit of service. World travel exposes you to realities that many of us never face and opens your mind to opportunities that you never dreamed fathomable. Last year, February 2014, I took my son Daniel on his first international trip to Cancun, Mexico. I'm not a person who needs to travel only through resort life and the truth is I can't afford it. However, I actually believe that there is so much to learn about a culture, through living among the people. We stayed in a shared rental that I found on Airbnb. My host was a wonderful and kind woman who made our international travel experience so much more enjoyable while staying in her condo. We walked around the town, visited Isla Mujeres and visited the El Cid Resort in Puerto Morelos with a FREE day pass. We spent 6 days, 5 nights total in Mexico and we loved it.

Mom Elmo is not supposed to be 6 Feet Tall

Additionally, we traveled to Florida, Atlanta, GA and to Manhattan, NY for an opportunity of a lifetime. My son loved meeting new people and I loved exposing him to greatness. Most importantly, I love seeing the impact that world travel has on his vision for himself and his life. 

How My Recent Travel Journey Began: 

Mommy's Gift Named Sasha Slylar

My most recent travel journey began in May 2015 with my two children. I now have a daughter, Sasha Skylar, who is now almost 9 months old. What's so interesting about how this new journey began is the fact that if it wasn't because of Sasha's existence, I probably wouldn't have taken the leap of faith to take an extended trip to see the world for the summer. Back in March, a family member who was taking care of my daughter, abruptly was no longer able to. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. There were no licensed daycare alternatives for my daughter and my company was waiting for an answer with what I would do, either resign and look for another job with the company in a better location or risk termination through going through the company's attendance protocol. I eventually decided to resign with the hopes of rejoining the company in a better location. However, my circumstances were forcing me to realize that until that 6 month window was over I could be forced into a huge financial bind, paying residual bills with limited income. I decided to take a destiny jump and cut all of my losses, sell everything, make the most of a lump sum of money and travel while I focused on using my talent and knowledge to create more income for me to continue traveling and eventually relocating to somewhere more suitable for my family and I in the US. 

World Travel in 2015: 

Babies with Passports

By the end of April, I had everything sold, gave away everything else and all of our tickets booked for our journey to Europe and booked a two-month stay in Saint Aubin D'aubigne, France. Sasha was now a dignified baby passport carrier. In May, we visited London, UK first and then came to our stay in the beautiful country town of Saint Aubin D'aubigne. In July, we left for Rennes, France, after two weeks, we moved on to Nantes; Bordeaux; Bayonne, FR and are now in San Sebastian, Spain.

Travel Timeline:

May 1st - Topeka, KS

May 1st - Kansas City, MO

May 1st - Atlanta, GA

May 6th - Los Angeles, CA

May 7th - Crawley, UK

May 8th - London, UK

May 9th - Southampton, UK

May 10th - Rennes, France

May 10th - Saint Aubin D'aubigne, France

July 6th - Rennes, France

August 6th - July Nantes, France

August 6th - Carquefou, France

August 9th - Bordeaux, France

August 9th - Cubzac, France

August 12th - Bayonne, France 

August 13th - Hendaye, France

August 13th - San Sebastian, Spain 

With two children..

King Daniel Lives

We are leaving Europe as Americans can only stay for a 90 period in certain regions. We are currently planning our downward departure from Spain and are planning on traveling from Seville, Spain to Marrakech, Morocco

Why a Fundrazr?

While on this trip, I've had soooo many people contact me saying how empowered they are because of my decision to travel the world and how they wanted to pursue this goal for themselves and their families in the very near future. I've had people asking me for my travel strategies to be able to travel as a single parent. I've had numerous people contact me and applaud my decision to follow my dreams. However, someone that I admire and respect who is also a world traveler contacted me and asked how could they help support/fund part of my journey. I didn't have an answer. I was so focused on achieving and pursuing my dream on my own through using my talent, that I didn't think about the people who might just want to support because they respect what I'm doing and how it helps empower others.

Turn a Setback into a Setup

Yes, traveling the world can be expensive, but there are also so many cheap travel strategies that I've used to make it feasible for someone like myself who has never earned over $50K/year, but has now traveled to over 9 countries and counting, 4 countries with children. This isn't a rich girl's bragging post, but a woman who grew up with limited resources and learned the hard way of making a way out of no way. This is a 'but God' journey of chasing your dreams and praying everday for God to consistently pour in resources to help you live your dreams through using your talent and helping others. 

Why support me?

If I can do it, you can too

I'm resourceful and I share knowledge. If I can do it, you can too! 

Truth is, the more you support others who do what it is you desire to do, the more feasible you see it for yourself. I've always supported movements and people that I believed in and each time, I felt like I could see myself getting closer to my dream, my destiny and truth is every time I supported someone else, I got closer to my dream. 

Anyone can tell you that almost everything that I've done, I've freely shared the "how to's" behind it and invited people into opportunties that could change their lives or their children's lives. Travel is no different. I always share tips, strategies and resources. With this fundraiser I'll be able to travel to more countries with my children, travel longer and give them more amazing experiences to share with you and share the "how" behind it. 

Yes they have passports

I was originally planning to stop at Morocco and return to the states, however, depending on the success of this fundraising campaign we might be able to travel to more affordable international places with my two children before returning to the States. Your support will allow me to continue to create valuable content for visionaries, empower more women and single parents as well as create more travel strategy products for future world travelers. Any amount of support is appreciated, if you can't financially support, then please follow this fundraiser (you following it will help you remember it later when you decide to travel) and share it with friends. To follow our journey please click here. 

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