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Gladstone Taylor has managed to produce an enriched, cultural and experimental literary document called KingSun, which speaks about life in Kingston. Help Gladstone bring this piece of art to Europe's open market by funding the goal by June 30th

About The Book

Many believe that our soul purpose as living beings is to navigate our own unique experiences and then upload it to the singular, cosmic consciousness at the end of our life cycle. This kind of theory insists, that though at that point of singularity we are one and the same, we each enter the earth to have unique experiences. We are therefore divine experiments designed to explore the nature of potential and possibilities. Whether this theory is right or wrong, it is clear that the Jamaican experience is not only unique but under explored.Three years ago I embarked on a journey to creatively capture features of my experience using literature, to tell a story, or several. The more I began to capture, the more similarities I would find between my own experience and that of many young people on this island. The more that I was able to observe common themes, the more immediate the need for conversation became. I felt I could not wait until the end of my lifetime to cosmically upload these conversations. So I compiled a first, experimental collection of creatively curated stories, in different forms of literature, to share with my generation and the world over. This collection has a very collaborative dynamic, where a lot of the discussions took place between myself and fellow creatives, who identified with the stories and felt compelled to contribute to it. The Product is this book

About the Writer

Gladstone is a Jamaican born writer and journalist who's felt his way around the creative industries of Jamaica over the last three years. During this time he has catapulted himself into the eye of the public and the major tastemakers of creative industries globally, as one of the youngest and most talented writers in the island. His profile and skills have landed him positions at several top music entities such as Riddim Magazine, Backayard Magazine, the legendary Digital B records and many more. He has been involved with various creative projects and played a pivotal role in the development of the Paint Jamaica. His knack for creative insight and documentation manages to land him in the company and good favor of artists. He has a great passion for youth culture and considers himself a youth advocate, who is constantly plugged into the evolution of contemporary culture and art.He became a notable figure in the blogosphere, working with internet-based entities like Rididm Radio, Tribe and Dynamic Africa. Gladstone has dedicated the last three years to creating his first solo project KingSun; The Testaments of Sunlight and Water and the better part of the last year conceptualizing and compiling the official Paint Jamaica magazine(yet  to be released). You can read more about Gladstone on his website

The United Purpose Tour

Nanook is social enterprise geared toward nurturing creativity, art and communal industries. It was founded by Joan Webley with the vision of creating a space for creative people to be able to identify and work towards the maximum potential and output of their talent, skill or craft. In my experience nanook is on the cutting edge of fostering creative development in uncharted waters. I am confident in saying this after being apart of the Nanook family for the past couple months and seeing just how powerful it can be for creative people to commune and create freely in a space. This new venture, The United Purpose tour, also gives me confidence, as Nanook has invited me to be apart of a group of eleven other creatives who will travel to Germany as cultural ambassadors to display our works to places with a big market for brand Jamaica. You can read more about the United Purpose tour by clicking here.


Unfortunately, it is not very easy for young creatives to properly access the open markets of the world(which is why this tour is such a big deal), because of things such a travel restrictions and production costing. Alot of the times what we need to produce good quality costs a great deal and our ability to physically act on a market and connect with consumers is hampered by the high cost of travel. I face such an issue, which is why I'm asking for help. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will go towards the implimentation of activities such as:

Physical Copies of freshly published book, KingSun
Limited edition prints of artworks in book for KingSun exhibition

In closing, missing an enriching social and cultural exchange such as this tour would be a mistake. Therefore I am appealing for your assistance in getting this dream to be a reality so that I can continue to contribute my growing perspective to the global conversation that is taking place. Looking forward to your support. Bless

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