Would you like fees with that?

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Would you like fees with that?

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— Updated: July 16, 2020

Article Under Revision

With the release of our new support center, we are revising old and outdated support articles. There may be information on this page that is outdated.

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Yes, I would like fees with that. 

Wait a minute. Did they really just say YES to fees? 
Why would anyone want to pay fees?

✩ Have you ever bought something that was really cheap and regretted it later?

It’s generally accepted in life that you get what you pay for. If you want a quality product that works, you step forward and invest in it.

In our industry (online fundraising, or crowdfunding) people are often asking platforms like ours to waive or lower our fees because their cause is important to them and they want to make sure they pull in as much money as possible. Some have even become very upset that we don’t allow them to use our service for free.

Others will decide to simply set up a bank account and ask people to deposit money into it instead of paying a fee to do online social network fundraising. It’s understandable that people want to collect the greatest amount of money for their cause as possible, but this is where the mistake is made.  

The greatest amount of money can be made by reaching as many people as possible in a way that is Simple, Social and Secure. – by paying the fee and using a service like the FundRazr Crowdfunding Network.

✩ Online fundraising services like ours are not just donate buttons, they’re exposure tools.

Think of it as marketing for your cause. People can share your story as a complete package, including:

  • Automatically shared story updates 
    Every Story update you post can be automatically shared with your Facebook friends, and with the click of a button can also be shared with your friends and supporters on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Video & photo gallery 
    A picture paints a thousand words, and a video paints even more. You can upload multiple photos and videos to your campaign, giving your supporters the whole picture. Video updates on your story can be extremely powerful.

  • Secure payment processing by PayPal and WePay 
    The world’s most well-known online payment processors help your campaign securely collect funds from over 20 countries around the world in almost a dozen different currencies. 
    (WePay is available in U.S. & Canada only)

  • Incentives 
    You can offer your supporters a reward for helping you reach your goal, adding more incentive for them to help out and spread the word for you. Click here for more info on this feature.

  • Automatic tax receipts 
    Registered Non-Profit Organizations have access to our Automatic Tax Receipt feature which will collect the required information from contributors and automatically email them a tax receipt. This feature alone can save a Non-Profit Organization hundreds of hours of work at tax time, letting you focus your time & energy on the important work your Non-Profit Organization was created to do. Click here for more info on this feature.   

✩ Your campaign isn’t limited to our website, either.

At no extra cost, you can maximize your campaign’s potential to reach as many people as possible with these features:

  • Industry leading social sharing 
    Anyone visiting your campaign page can share it with their friends on their favorite Social Media platform, via email, and pretty much anywhere else on the internet. Click here for more info on sharing your campaign.

  • Add your campaign to a tab on your cause’s Facebook Page 
    Your supporters already know where to find you on Facebook. Our “Add on tab” feature will let them contribute to your cause without leaving Facebook.
    Click here for more info on this feature.

  • Embed your campaign on your blog or website 
    You don’t have to send traffic to our website to raise money, either. With our Campaign Widgets, you can embed a small campaign badge or even the full campaign page on your own website, which will open in a lightbox over top of your site. This way, your supporters can contribute to your cause without ever leaving your website. Click here for more info on this feature.

  • Real world access to your campaign 
    You can print a custom-made QR code on a flyer, newspaper advertisement, billboard, or anywhere else you can think of. Anybody with a smart phone will be able to scan the QR code and donate to your campaign, no matter where they are. Click here for more info on this feature.

This complete package allows your cause to spread out farther and reach infinitely more people than a simple post asking people to deposit money in a bank account, or visit a blog or website to look for a donate button.

Even when you pay the fees for using the service, you’re still going to collect more money using it than you would by not using it.

Even when we explain this, some people will still say:

“But my cause is so worthy – can’t you see? Please give it to us for free!”
Every cause is worthy. Every day our software is used by thousands of people who are raising money for worthy causes. Sick children, faith missions, devastating tragedies, weddings, funerals, entrepreneurial business ideas, legal fees, and hundreds of other types of causes.   We simply cannot differentiate one from another and give one preferential treatment over another, but if you ask nicely, we’ll be happy to give you tips on how to optimize your campaign to maximize it’s fundraising potential!

We want every cause to raise money, because we care. Every one of our staff members works incredibly hard to provide the best possible experience for you.   The Development Team sit at their desks and write code all day, Quality Control and Customer Solutions work hard to make sure the platform is working smoothly for you, the Graphics and Marketing Teams constantly strive to improve the user experience. They all put in overtime almost every day to make our system what it is. Without fees they wouldn’t be paid.

✩ So in a nutshell: Yes, I would like fees with that!


  • You get what you pay for. 

  • It’s not a donate button – it’s a marketing & exposure tool for your cause that can be easily shared on an infinite network.  

  • There’s an office full of people working hard behind the scenes and doing everything they can to improve your chances of reaching more people and raising more money. 

  • The fee we charge is among the lowest fees in the crowdfunding industry 

This Help Center article was paraphrased from an article written by FundRazr’s former Community Manager, Camara Cassin, on February 8, 2012. The original article was posted on Camara’s LoveFundRazr Blog, which is no longer active, but can still be viewed via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.