What’s the difference? – PayPal and Stripe

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What’s the difference? – PayPal and Stripe

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— Updated: July 16, 2020

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Before we get started

PayPal and Stripe can be used on your campaign at the same time. If you are located in a supported region for PayPal and Stripe, you can have both checkout options available. We highly recommend using both checkout options. Having both options will allow your supporters to choose their checkout experience.


PayPal is a familiar payment option to many people around the world. Some users love the service while others refuse to use the PayPal checkout. The use of PayPal’s checkout falls into the donor’s preference from past experiences with their service.

Donors can use funds available in their PayPal account to donate to and support a campaign. If the donor has their bank account connected to their PayPal account, they can also make direct payments through PayPal.

Also, if the campaign owner’s PayPal account is Verified, the donors will have the option to pay as a guest through the guest checkout.

All donations placed with the PayPal checkout will be sent into the recipient account when the checkout is finished. The campaign owner will be able to withdraw their funds directly from their PayPal account.

Important: Even if the guest checkout is available on a campaign, not all donors will be able to use it. Some donors need to verify their cards or they will be declined. Encourage donors to reach out to PayPal’s customer support for assistance if their credit cards are declined.


Stripe is a less familiar name in the online transaction world, but it is expanding it’s popularity quickly.

With Stripe, your donors are able to contribute to the campaign with their credit or debit cards. The checkout is very mobile friendly and there is a large number of supported banks and cards in Stripe’s roster.

Donors do not need to be located in a supported region to use the Stripe checkout. Stripe accepts international payments for many currencies and donors do not need an account to contribute.

All a campaign owner needs is a bank account located within one of Stripe’s supported regions to get started.

The campaign owner will be prompted for payment options in their campaign or organization set up. They can complete the Stripe sign up in the campaign creation flow.

When the donor checkout is completed, the funds are sent directly into the Stripe account. Stripe will then deposit the funds into the connected bank account with scheduled deposits.