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Team fundraising options

Campaign Settings
— Updated: July 16, 2020

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When fundraisers act as a team, they can achieve bigger results. The principle is simple:

The more people who focus on promoting the same item, the bigger the social impact. And the bigger the impact, the more money raised.

For users running Personal Campaigns or Sub-Campaigns, there are several options to raise money as a team. This Help Page will explain them.

How to find your Team settings 
After you create your Personal Campaign or Sub-Campaign, look in the NavBar along the top of your campaign page and click “Team”:

Team Settings page
On your Team Settings page, you’ll see 3 tabs: Action items, Members, and Settings. We’ll start by explaining the Members tab:

✩ Members tab

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to invite people to become members of your fundraising team. 

In the Members tab, click Invite someone new, then enter their email address and choose the role you want them to have. Scroll to the bottom of this Help Page for a description of the different roles team members can have.

If you don’t want their name to appear on the campaign page, uncheck the “Show in public list of team members” check box.

Click Invite when you’re ready to send your invitation (they’ll receive an email with instructions).

After you’ve invited them, you’ll see them listed below that area in a yellow box with (Pending) next to their role. If they lost the invitation email, you can always click the Send reminder link to send them another one.

Once they’ve accepted the invitation, their box will change color and it won’t say (Pending) anymore.

Note: To remove a Team member, just click the X in the top right corner of their listing and they’ll be removed immediately.

✩ Settings tab

While you’re waiting for your team members to accept their invitations, you’ll want to set up your Team visibility options. Click the Settings tab and you’ll be able to set up the following options:

Show team on campaign

In the Visibility tab, select Yes in the Show team on campaign? section, and your visibility options will appear.

Show team identity

Normally the byline of your campaign will show your name and picture (example: by Bob Mulholland), but if you show your team identity, the byline will show your Team name and picture instead (example: by Team Awesome). 

Select Yes, then pick a name for your team and type it in the Team name box.

Click “Upload a team picture”, then select an image file from your computer to use as your Team’s picture. If you don’t upload a picture, the image you see in the screenshot below will be used instead:

Note: When you type a name in the Team name box or upload a picture, remember to click the Apply button or your changes won’t be saved.

Track member results?

If you want to know which members of your team are inspiring which contributions, select Yes.

When people go to make a contribution, they’ll be asked if they want to attribute their contribution to one of your public team members.  If they do, they just need to select the Team Member from the drop down list. If the Team Member isn’t in the drop down list, that means they’re not a public Team Member (see Team member Privacy section below) so the contributor won’t be able to attribute the contribution to them.

You’ll be able to track which Team Members inspired the most contributions by looking at the Team Tab on your campaign page.

Allow visitors to join team?

Select Yes to add the Join the team button to the Team Tab on your campaign page. This will allow anyone to send your team a request to become a Member of your fundraising team so they can help you make your campaign a success. Selecting Yes here will also provide you with a link you can send to anyone to allow them to easily join your team as a Member.

Note:The Join The Team button is currently available only on Sub-campaigns, not Personal Campaigns. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you’re running a Personal campaign and want anyone to be able to send a request to join the team, you can add the link to your campaign’s Story section. 

Here’s what the Join the team button will look like in the campaign’s Team tab:

After someone clicks the Join the team button, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that they want to join the team. 

Click Manage your team and you’ll see their name and email address in a yellow box in your Team settings page. Click their name to see their Profile page, then click Accept or Decline when you’re ready. 

Team member privacy

By default, Team Members are shown publicly in the Team Tab on the campaign page. If certain members of your Team don’t want to be shown publicly, here’s where you go to adjust their individual privacy settings. Just click Yes or No next to their name and the change will be saved immediately.

Note: The Campaign Owner is always shown publicly. 

✩ Action items tab

When something needs to be done on your campaign and you need to get the word out to your team members quickly, create an Action item. We’ll send them an email notifying them:

  1. Click the “Create an action item” button

  2. Tell your Team members what you want them to do (example: “Ask all your friends to share our campaign on Facebook.”)

  3. Click the “Create and send” button

  4. Our system will send each of your team members a notification letting them know what you want them to do. 

  5. When the action has been taken, just check the “Mark as done” check box.

Role Permissions Comparison Chart

Role descriptions

✩ Owner
Owners have full control of the campaign. They can edit the campaign, post campaign updates, and access funds and financial information, as well as invite/remove team members. They are also the only person who can request changes to the locked portions of a campaign, such as the Payment email address or a Non-Profit Organization’s tax number, etc. 

✩ Manager
Managers have full onscreen control of the campaign. They can do anything that the campaign owner can do including edit the campaign, post campaign updates, and access funds and financial information, as well as invite/remove team members. They cannot request changes to the locked portions of a campaign or withdraw funds.

✩ Promoter
Promoters can import their own contacts and post their own campaign updates. They cannot edit the campaign nor access funds or private financial information, or invite/remove team members.

✩ Member
Members can import their own contacts and promote the campaign. They cannot edit the campaign, post campaign updates, or access funds or private financial information. This option is only available on Sub-campaigns who have the “Allow visitors to join team?” option enabled.