How to view & download transaction history and contributor information

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How to view & download transaction history and contributor information

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— Updated: July 10, 2020

Article Under Revision

With the release of our new support center, we are revising old and outdated support articles. There may be information on this page that is outdated.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to our customer support team directly for assistance. This can be done by placing a ticket with the Support button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you’re offering Incentives on your campaign, you’ll eventually need to know how to retrieve your contributors’ names and addresses collected by our data collection feature so you can mail the Incentives to your contributors. 

Even if you’re not offering Incentives, you may eventually need to download a list of your contributors for income tax or other purposes.

Either way, just follow these instructions:

Sign in to your account and head to your campaign page, then click the Transactions link in the black NavBar along the top. 

On your Transactions page, if you’re using a desktop computer you can expand the list by clicking Expand in the top right corner so the list will take up the whole width of the page. This is especially useful for campaigns offering Incentives.

If you just need to take a look at a specific contribution but don’t need to download the whole list right now, just click the name of that contributor and the details of their contribution will appear in an info box (the screenshot below is a little old, but you get the idea).

To download the information shown on the Transactions page, you’ll see two blue buttons near the top of the page: CSV and XLS, and a drop down with a date range in it. Just click the box and select a date range (see screenshot below), then click Apply and confirm your choice in the confirmation box that appears.

Note: The default date range is from the day your campaign was launched until today’s date. If you want a full report, you don’t need to select any dates here – they’ve already been selected for you. The time of day of each transaction on the Transactions page and in the download will be shown in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Note: The information contained in the spreadsheet will be everything you see online when you click your contributors’ names on the Transactions page.

For each contribution listed, it will show the contributor’s email address, the date/time/amount of the contribution, the PayPal or Stripe Transaction ID, as well as any information the contributor submitted into the Data Collection form on your campaign (if applicable).

Also: For Organizations using our Sub-Campaign feature, the spreadsheet will also contain the title of the Sub-Campaign that received each contribution and a link to the Sub-Campaign.