How to stop unwanted or abusive comments

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How to stop unwanted or abusive comments

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— Updated: July 16, 2020


I set up a campaign and someone has been posting negative or libellous comments on it. I’ve been deleting their comments as they submit them, but I can’t keep an eye on my campaign 24 hours a day.

How can I stop them from posting comments on my campaign? 


Public commenting is turned on by default, but if you’re having issues with unwanted or abusive comments being left on your campaign comment feed, you have a couple options:

Option 1: Turn off commenting

You can turn off comments on your campaign in the Privacy tab of your campaign’s Edit page as shown below:

With comments turned off, the only way someone can make a comment on your campaign wall is if they make a contribution to your campaign first. This will stop unwanted or abusive comments from being posted.


If you disable public commenting on your campaign, this means that you will lose the benefits and virality of the campaign comment feed. 

In other words, your campaign may not be seen by very many people, and you may have trouble raising enough money to meet your goal.

Please consider the impact of this before disabling commenting.

Option 2: Ask us to block them

You can Submit a report through the button below and ask us to block the commenter from our system. If you choose this option you will need to provide us with the commenter’s name and also tell us which comment you are reporting (include a screenshot of the offending comment if possible).

Please do NOT delete the offending comment before we have a chance to view it, as this will delay your request. Submit a report

Wait! Before you submit a report, please read this: 

  • WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT THESE REPORTS FROM THE CAMPAIGN OWNER OR A CAMPAIGN MANAGER. If you’re not listed in the campaign’s Team page as either Owner or Manager, we will not act on your report.

  • If you ask us to block a specific person, keep in mind that we do not actively monitor comments made on campaign pages, so we will not notice if that person creates a new account to continue posting comments on your campaign. You’ll need to individually report each person or account making abusive comments and tell us which comment you are reporting each time.

  • As per our Terms Of Service, “CPSI does not pre-screen any Content working in coordination with FundRazr, but that CPSI and its designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to rescind use of FundRazr.”  

    In other words, while we do review all reports of abusive comments and take appropriate action when necessary, it is our decision whether or not to block a specific user from commenting on a campaign, and it is also our decision whether or not to disable commenting completely on a campaign.

  • The campaign comment feed is one of the main features that allows you to reach more people and raise more money, because every time a Facebook user comments on your campaign, that message is posted on Facebook along with a link to your campaign, adding to the virality of your campaign.