How to report an abusive User

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How to report an abusive User

User Accounts & Security
— Updated: July 16, 2020

What is considered an “abusive user”?

Some campaigns attract angry or opinionated individuals. These people decide to post hateful, violent or derogatory messages on the Activity Feed. If the campaign owner is unaware of these messages, the community can report these users for our Trust & Safety team.

How to report them

Find the comment in the activity feed and take a screenshot of the comment for our team if possible. If you are unable to take a screenshot, no worries! We can track it down.

Click on the Name of the abuser and load up their personal Profile page.

Once the profile page loads, please copy the URL of the page. This can be found in the top bar of your browser here:

With this information, please write in to our support team. We can be contacted either by clicking on the Support icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, or by writing in to us as

Please include as much information and context as you can to help our team. Information like:

  • The full name of the User account
  • The link or URL to their profile page
  • A link to the campaign they posted on
  • A screenshot of the comment (if possible)
  • Any information on the abuser’s possible relation to the campaign (if possible). Are they posting anonymously? Do they know the campaign owners personally?

Important: If you believe the physical safety of the campaign owners, or any supporters, are threatened by these abusers, please contact the local authorities. While we can help remove and monitor the comments, we cannot ensure any safety for those involved. Local authorities will be able to better assess the situation. Legal authorities can contact us at