Feature: Perks & Incentives

Crowdfunding Advisors Campaign Settings, Help Center

Feature: Perks & Incentives

Campaign Settings, Help Center
— Updated: September 10, 2020

If you haven’t created your campaign yet, click here to get started! Once the draft is completed, you can return here for more information.

To offer an Incentive on your campaign, follow these steps:  

Step 1

Go to your campaign page and click Edit in the black NavBar at the top:

Step 2

Click the Incentives tab (down the left side), then click the Add an incentive button.

Step 3 (Basics)

Fill in the requested info. 

  • Type – There are 4 types: Perks, Products, Tickets, and Wishes. Just pick the one that best suits your needs (click the Which to choose? link in that section for help choosing which type to create)
  • Price – How much are you selling this incentive for? The amount you enter here will be the minimum amount people must contribute to receive the Incentive.
  • Your costs – How much does it cost you to produce this incentive? (optional)
  • Name of incentive – What’s your incentive called?
  • Description – Why would people want to claim your incentive? Give them a good reason here.
  • Picture – What does your incentive look like? Upload a picture of it here.
  • Link – Where can people find more info about your incentive? Add a link here (optional but recommended).

Step 4 (Quantity & delivery)

  • Limit total available to ___ – Check this box if you want to make sure you don’t sell more than you have. Once all available items have been selected by contributors, this Incentive will be automatically discontinued so nobody else can claim it.
  • Limit to 1 per contribution – Want to make sure everyone gets their fair share? Check this box and each person can only select one of this incentive at a time. 
  • Show stats – Publicly show how many items have been purchased/claimed or how many items are remaining. If you have a limited quantity, the remaining number will show. If you have an unlimited quantity, the number of purchased items will show.
  • Ask contributors for their name and email – This is required for all Incentives. You won’t be able to uncheck this box.
  • Allow contributors to claim this incentive in person – Check this box and we’ll create a QR code that your contributor can print and bring with them. When they get there, scan the QR code with your smart phone to make sure it’s the right person.
  • Show a delivery date – If you want to show people when they can expect to receive their Incentive, just check the box and select the expected month of delivery. Keep in mind, this is not a guaranteed delivery date as your shipping provider may have delays.

Step 5 (Shipping & Fulfillment)

Where will you ship?
  • No shipping required – This is the defaulted option.
  • Certain countries only – Select this option if you want to limit the countries you’ll ship the item to.
  • Anywhere in the world – Select this option if you’ll ship to anywhere in the world.
Availability & shipping cost
  • If you selected Certain countries only – You’ll need to tell our system which countries those are.

  • No matter what you selected – You’ll need to set shipping costs for each country that you’re shipping to. Just pick a country and enter a cost. Don’t forget to click Add over on the right, then rinse & repeat.
    Notes: If you leave the Cost field blank for any country, shipping will be free to that country. To charge the same shipping to everyone worldwide, enter an amount in the Rest of world field (or leave it blank for free worldwide shipping). 

Combine shipping? – Check this box if you want to charge only one shipping cost when someone claims multiple quantities of this Incentive

Shipping address – This one is required for all shippable Incentives. You won’t be able to uncheck this box.

Digital fulfillment – If you are offering a Digital reward, this will allow you to add download links to the files of your choice. Please keep in mind that we do not host or manage this file distribution system on your behalf.

Step 6 (Variants)

Options label – Describe what title works best for you. “Sizes” or “Colour” for example.

Variants – You can add up to 150 variants. Enter a label and customer-facing text for each variant and click Add. 

Step 7

Click the Add button at the bottom, then once that box disappears, click the Save changes button.

Note 1: When entering the price of an Incentive, don’t forget about your costs, such as:

  • Cost of the item
    Do you have out-of-pocket costs for the item?
  • Shipping costs
    Physical goods may require shipping
  • Fees
    The cost of the payment provider fees (roughly 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) is deducted from each transaction

Note 2: If you’re offering something that has different sizes or colors (t-shirts, for example), click here to see how you can use custom fields in our Data Collection feature to let your contributors tell you what size or color they want.

Editing, Deleting and Discontinuing your Incentive

You can Edit or Delete an Incentive at any time before it has been claimed. After an Incentive has been claimed, it becomes part of the financial record and can no longer be Edited or Deleted, but it can be Discontinued to prevent anyone else from claiming it.

To edit, delete, or discontinue your Incentive:

  1. Go to the Incentives tab in your campaign’s Edit page
  2. Click Edit, Delete, or Discontinue 
    • If you click Edit, you’ll be able to edit the details as shown up in Steps 3 and 4 on this Help Page
    • If you click Delete or Discontinue, you’ll see a confirmation box appear to make sure that’s what you wanted to do
  3. When you’re ready, click Save changes at the bottom